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LNWR - Coal Tanks - Bashers, Gadgets & Mourners!


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A new book, Bashers Gadgets & Mourners - the life and times of the LNWR Coal Tanks, published by the Bahamas Locomotive Society.


Details can be found here (scroll down the page) http://chasewaterstu...nwr-coal-tanks/ . I sent a cheque off on Friday 26th Aug with a copy of the form from the web site and it's arrived today, the 30th Aug (BH weekend too!) now that's some service - Well done the staff at Ingrow Loco Shop. The book is available from the shop to personal callers at Ingrow Loco (obviously!) - the museum of the Bahamas Locomotive Society on the KWVR.


The book will also be available from the BLS exhibition stand at the LMS - NRM 24/25 September 2011.


Unfortunatly as it's my birthday on Saturday (3rd), the family have confiscated it till then,

but it's a heavy book (and I thought Ted Talbot had covered the subject to death in depth in his own LNWR books),

so I'm looking forward to seeing it then.

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Well my birthdays here and the book is great, the details, drawings, photo's and a CD with various peoples comments on that worked on Coal Tanks, are of a top notch quality.


The icing on the cake for me was the cover photo of a Coal Tank at Ebbw Vale with an early LNWR slotted signal visible, I had seen the postcard, but this print from the Gerald Davies collection is superb.


From a modelling point of view, so much detail, so little time................

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I concur with everything Penlan says about this book. Anyone interested in steam locomotives from the Victorian period onwards should get a copy. It contains a wealth of information about the day to day operation of a railway, maintainance of locos, etc.


Congratulations to the author Peter Skellon and thanks to the Bahamas Locomoitve Society as publishers.

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