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Loose Ends - Perranporth


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One of the Bradford-Barton books shows a Castle at Perranporth on a Paddington express.


Out of curiosity ( and to provide useful prototype workings for me and others to copy)


Which way did it run ie to Paddington or from Paddington or both?

Was there an empty stock or positioning movement?

Did it run via St Agnes and Chasewater, or Newquay, or southern leg of Tolcarn triangle?

What years did it run? presumably summer saturdays only?


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"Operation Cornwall" (W.S. Beckett) describes a 1957 Saturdays only 8.15 Perranporth to Paddington (arrive 15.55).


"Contrary to the impression sometimes given, the through Perranporth-Paddington express was not a complete train from Perranporth, but was the Newquay portion of the previous day's 09.30 ex Paddington ,which ran as a six-coach service to Truro where additional coaches were added. The sight of a dining car at Perranporth was as uncommon as the through train itself and was made available by the fact that the dining section of the 09.30 ex Paddington ran through to Newquay on Fridays instead of coming off at Plymouth as was the usual practice. The entire train returned west as the 10.40 from Paddington to pick up the threads of Monday's through Falmouth/Newquay service."


"Perranporth" Formation: BCK, DC, BSK, SK, CK (Previous working 07.35 Newquay-Perranporth ECS) + Scratch SK = Perranporth to Paddington portion.


"Truro" Formation : BCK, SK (Previous working 10.40(Sun) Paddington-Truro) + CK, SK, SK, BSK (Previous working 20.55(Fri) Falmouth-Truro) = Truro to Paddington portion.


The 12 coaches return West as the 10.40(Sun) Paddington-Newquay/Truro).


The 08.15 train is listed as passing Chacewater at 08.37 and arriving at Truro at 08.46/depart 08.55


I hope that helps to fill in some of the gaps for you.


Edit for spelling

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Thanks - I thought someone would know!


I have always felt that the Newquay lines offered the best inspiration for operations - from pure branch line to through expresses My favourite is the Friday evening train of Restaurant cars did this go to Newquay?


Even though the platform has been shortened at the station end, a 2+8 HST leaves plenty of room - a bit long for most modellers!


On my last holiday there, I had a three day Cornish Rover. Weekdays were a 153, but on Saturday it was an HST, crossing another at Goonbarrow - there can't be many single-lline crossings of express workings

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