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Langton Bay


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Fed up with big layouts that never got finished I thought about a mix of something between Swanage and Bournemouth West; a terminus somewhere in the Purbecks as Swanage is, but a little bigger. As for space I decided to use a bay window and a bit along the wall at either end. I chose part of a Purbeck village name, Langton, and added Bay (cos that's where it is, in the bay) Started work in September 2010.


My maximum comfortable reach over a layout is just over 3 feet so that determined the width, the length in the bay is 4 feet widening to a bit over 8 feet adding in a bit at the ends gives about 10 feet. some kitchen unit cupboards provide the support (and storage under) covered with board salvaged from an old wardrobe




Covered in 2" insulation foam




Decided on a plan




Threw some track on it




Added a back scene before I got too much else in the way to knock over, by this time test running had commenced hence the bids nest AKA wiring




Started to play about with scenery, the bit with the cottage as far as the hedgerow lifts off for access to the fiddle yard (the hedgerow covers the join. The cottage is one of those plaster cast ones with a bit of paintwork touch up.




That takes progress to about May last year, I tend to work on something for a month or so, then find something else to do far a while, eventually get back a month or two later,

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I did contemplate just straight fiddle to terminus, but didn't like the idea of such a short run as would be under those circumstances, so went for the 2 level "folded" fiddle to terminus, the oval just seemed to fit in as a bonus, allows me to play roundy roundy do some test running

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That looks to be excellent use of space - you've somehow crammed a lot of running line into it the area of a bay window - and yet it doesn't look cramped or over-crowded.


One thing I'm curious about:

In the fourth picture down (immediately after the track plan) - there seems to be some sort of control panel along the front of the layout, from which a narrow arm extends to bottom centre of the picture, and from that a few narrow wires protrude to the points (and I see a similar arrangement half way up and at the top of the control panel). Is this 'wire in tube' point control? Or some other arrangement? Like I say, I'm just curious really ...


Either way, I'll look forward to pictures :)

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Yep, wire in tube, plus the "arm" you noted is part of the crank system to change both points of the run round crossover. The brass strip is now hidden by a platform, you may notice some white tubes going under the tracks also wire in tube which get buried by ballast. Track is layed on cork over the styrene foam (cut from a pack of flooring cork tiles) I channel that and lay the wire in tube in the channel, then ballast over. I have the wires operated by slide switches which I can use for wiring where needed. The "control panel" is now partially concealed by a road.




The scissors and other points on the lower level are also operated by W in T, I bored through the foam at an angle, seems to work OK. You will note there are no points on the far side of the layout, two advantages, no long wires in tube, and I could start the gradient a bit sooner.


I'm using 4 point motors, controlling the 3 way and the 2 associated points for the run round, however the point motors are above board, hidden in station buildings

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