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Union Mills D20 to LSWR Adam's X6

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Being a confirmed SR nutter in many ways - I'm doing 1930s, I'm doing it in N gauge, this project could be a challenge. Comments welcome on the basic idea and projected method. I will post pics of progress as and when there is any!


I acquired a damaged UM D20 for not many £, cos wheel diameters & spacing are pretty close, biggest differeence is bogie wheelbase and distance from rear bogie to front driver, should be easy fix, & it was cheap!! Possible compromise may be overall width, It can be a PITA trying to get N gauge wheels with coupling rods into splashers at external width 8'3", width over crank pins scales about 6'6 which means thickness of splasher has to be less than 1mm where rod/crank pins are within the splasher.


I have scaled some 4mm drawings down to 1:148, also retained the 4mm one which now has notes added on dimensions etc.Printed out a sheet with 4 copies of it (2 flipped 180 horizontal) I will try cutting out cab sides and splashers from the print and marking the outline to the D20.


Intended way of working. Obviously remove bogie, keeper plate and drivers. Cut off boiler firebox and firebox with cutting disc and milling leave part of smoke box saddle. Use mill to cut down cab and splashers to the outline marked from print out.


Clean up damaged front end removing existing buffer bean in the process, extend front end of footplate by about 5mm and fit new bufferbeam. add the distinctive Adams vertical plates alongside smokebox saddle. Turn boiler, smokebox and firebox from brass tube, make a T shaped cut and open out to make lower half of firebox. Turn chimney and dome, try and find a suitable safety valve else make one, make and fit cylinders and conn rods (maybe from Farish 4P)


Starting point damaged D20 (front buffer beam)



X6 4mm drawing



X6 at Eastleigh 1937



Don't laugh - wish me luck!

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The D20 is now minus boiler, smoke box and fire box, surgery performed with a mix of slitting discs, saws and burrs; damaged buffer beam removed ready for front end to be extended. Started to reshape cab side and splashers using a paper template as a rough guide, cut from a scale drawing print out, will also need to mill about 0.5mm off each side to allow fitting of new sides from brass sheet, these will be cut using another paper template. Not tried this template method before, so it's a bit suck it and see!


After initial surgery



Paper template laid over cab side and splashers



The brass tube boiler in the pic is not intended for this loco, just "one I did earlier" (unfinished project)

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