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Nene valley railway 12th may 2012

Dan Griffin

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The hastings unit 1001 ran the nene machine railtour from Hastings to Wansford on the 12th may. joining it on trains were 4f 44422 and standard 5 70030 on the tpo set.



70030 city of peterborough



1001 after arrival at wansford



1001 from the small yellow end.


was nice to hear the chugging engine sounds with a very slight whistle. hadnt seen this unit before so it made a nice change. i took a few pics of the intermediat trailer cars if anyones interested.


cheers, dan.

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I happened to be on the tour, having joined the unit at St.Leonard's Depot. The unit performed well and kept good time except on the return when someone was taken ill on the train. we waited nearly an hour at Orpington for an ambulance!


Though we were made welcome at the Nene Valley, I feel it lacks "something" and the catering left a bit to be desired. No doubt it will improve with time. i was impressed with the range of bottled real ale on sale in the NVR bar car.

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Ah ha - seems there were a few of us about - I've got a couple of shots of the Thumper leaving via the Fletton branch. Unfortunately I wasn't about for most of the day but got down to Orton Mere near the end of proceedings.

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