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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.

Hi everyone


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Hello there! I'd like to introduce myself after looking around rmweb since 2009, for inspiration - I've finally decided to take the plunge and start to post info about my OO gauge small diorama layout I have started 4ft x 2ft with a 2ft fiddle yard set in 2011 by the West wales coast (fictional port town) and is a 2 platform terminus station with an adjacent depot/refuelling facility.


After an unplanned house move in 2008, I had to sadly dismantle my former layout. After having completely no space where I live at the moment, my father (who also is a keen modeller) let me set up a small layout in his trainroom at his home. Luckily I saved alot of items from my former layout.


The layout has been started since Spring 2010, but construction has been slow due to illness and only having occasional access to the layout. Somehow I couldn't get any ideas going, but after visiting a few shows and seeing a few mini layouts - inspiration came back with layouts like the excellent Outon Road and Arnold Lane and to take the plunge into DCC.


Track plan is done and most scenery complete - may extend the depot by 2ft which is currently modelled in low relief. And probably in the future model the 1990's on the layout before the EWS takeover.


However I can't figure out how to post a new topic in the layout area of the RMWeb forum, please help!

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Hi Mozzer.


Good choice to join the Forum. Active posting is so much more fun than watching from outside!


Re. starting a Layout topic...


On the Home page go to the section "Layout and Workbench content" - you will find a link called "Layout topics". Click on that, and when the layout page opens, click top right on "Start a new topic". You will then be able to give details of title, tags etc for your layout and post away!!


Hope this helps!


Best wishes,



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