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MRL328 & ITC2004

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MRL328 started out as a Sante Fe SD45 wide body Athearn strip and detail to build a loco that would withstand rough handling as a travelling loco to use on other layouts. Particularly as I am without a layout for the foreseeable future, as I am using (wasting?) my time to rebuild MGB's, I wanted something I would not worry about when it was on the move. I was also using it as a honing of abilities as it had been a while since any modelling was done.








ITC2004 started as an undecorated Athearn GP38-2, with some detailing added. It is also intended towithstand rough handling as a travelling loco and once again was a refresh of past abilities to build models. I had not noticed the handrail stanchion angled before, and so far no one has pointed it out.








Both these locos have had a TCS T1 hard wired into them, with the wiring attached to the metal frames in the trucks for better conductivity.


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