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South Devon Railways from the air


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There is a new website with lots of images of Britain taken in the 20's and 30's by areo films. Some of these contain images of railways.


Kingsbridge station - 1928



What a busy place Kingsbridge looks to have been in those days.


I'm suprised by the total numbers of coaches and wagons on view.


It looks if as the next train to Brent is in the bay with three coaches (possibly some 6 wheel stock?) and that a mixed train, including four(?) more short wheelbase coaches, has arrived at Kingsbridge with a small Prairie possibly about to detach the tail traffic.


There also appear to be further coaches in the carriage shed, as well as a mainline (through?)coach with recessed doors hemmed in by goods traffic on the back siding, and a full length brake(?) on view.


So least ten coaches, possibly up to dozen and more than fifty goods vans/wagons.are featured as well.


Excellent find.

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The coach in on the cattle siding line is a Dreadnought, possibly a composite, but surprisingly it does not look like a break composite. This and the other bogie stock is most likely to have formed the through train to London. The full brake may have been in use for perishables traffic on the line.

Coaches on the line seem to have been 4 wheelers more that 6 wheelers but I would agree that all the coaches that are in use are non bogie stock. The final wagon of the mixed train looks possibly like a horse box or prize cattle van.

It is evident that there are quite a number of cattle wagons in the yard.

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Guest Moria

Big grin on my face :- Kris you missed one...


Dartmouth station right in the middle of the picture.. not sure if it was local legend or not but I heard it was in the Guiness Book of Records as the only railway station that never had Railway tracks but you could still buy a ticket from to anywhere else in the country. I have an old ticket from Dartmouth to Paddington in my collection somewhere.





This one I also liked, this is just up from Kingswear and is by far the clearest picture I have ever seen of the Noss shipyard diversion and the old route through the shipyard, very clearly showing the old viaduct legs still in the silt around the yard.







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Thanks Kris, this has answered a whole lot of questions, such as where the coal was unloaded, wether there was a raised cattle dock and wether the canopy extension dated from the 1927 rebuilding. All visible! Throws a few more problems in with the compromises of track layout and as the bottom sidings are glued down I am not going to do anything about it. You can clearly see the coal merchants lorries next to the coal wagons, vindicating the local opinion that coal was filled into them for bagging at their yard. Much to be digested, I feel a large print coming on tomorrow.

Also what appear to be 3 Siphon C's in the shed bypass road. Plus the long shallow ramp up to the cattle dock. Annoyingly I added siding length in this area to hide the compression at the throat end. At least it solves the issue of access to the cattle dock as well.

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