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Early SR Blue/Grey Mk1 set numbers/small coach numbers.

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Hey Guys - in trying to create my late sixties SR layout I need some SR Blue/Grey Mk1s - I've located a picture of 3 set 159 in blue/grey with set numbers in the traditional location at the outer end of the BSK behind W/C 34025 which I think was quite rare as the policy of displaying set numbers was dropped quite early on on blue/grey repaints and replaced with set numbers on the solebar. The set numbers in the photo appear to be the same font/style as previously used on green liveried Mk1s except in grey, also the size of the numbers of the vehicles appear to be much smaller than say a blue/grey repaint of the eighties:-


The link below has a picture of S13006 about halfway down the page in blue/grey with much smaller numbers.



I've tried all the usual suspects for the smaller coach numbers but to no avail and as for the grey set numbers - forget it.


I've considered N-guage coach transfers (not yet measured any up) for the vehicle numbers but i've no idea how to create the grey set numbers.


Does anybody have idea's?





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The Press-fix HMRS sheets have the original 75mm numbers on them as well as the normal 100mm size ones. The 75mm numbers were only used for a short length of time when blue and grey was first introduced.


Fox Transfers sheet F4262 has letters and numbers in 75mm white but only 8 copies of each number.


The last option is to have a word with John Peck at http://www.precisionlabels.com/, he should be able to make any of the numbers you need. He made me some 75mm black number sets for a Swallow HST set (not only one set for each side but also a complete set of spares) for three quid. See the comparison of 75mm and 100mm numbers below:



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