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Sowerby Bridge Station Buildings


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I've been asked to produce a model of the station building at Sowerby Bridge for a friend but having spent the last few days trawling the archives I've managed to come up near blank. If anyone out there can help me out or at least point me in the right direction I would be truly grateful. All I've managed so far is two photographs and they are both end elevations.

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Ebay - search Sowerby Bridge Station - produces 1 postcard of frontage

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society - possible source of info - on the Web

Greater Manchester County Record Office - if you use the "pastfinder" search and type sowerby bridge - come up with various information & possible plans

(The County Record Office has a lot of L & YR information)

Plus if you need ground plans try www.old-maps.co.uk

Good Luck

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The NRM hold the former BR/OPC Joint Venture track plans of Sowerby Bridge under reference 20293. No date or scale is known, but these plans are usually 40ft : 1in or bigger, giving decent floor plans of buildings (and sometimes descriptions of room use).


There is also a superb 1chain : 1in plan in the National Archives at Kew under reference RAIL343/568. Again, unfortunately, undated as far as I could determine, although it is catalogued as pre-1871.



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There's a few photos of Sowerby Bridge on my flickr site at:




This brings up Dave's Yorkshire Railway Archive, then click on the set "Sowerby Bridge"



Not many really show the buildings and some were taken in fog. It's the best I can come up with though.


I'm sure I've seen some photos in books on railways in the area, but cannot offhand remember which ones.



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