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Hi there,

I found a reasonable youtube review here:

the model looks and sounds rather good! I'd say equal to any of the other smaller Euro makers!

some more info here: http://www.rocky-rail.com/page66.html

The only other thing I can say is that I'm sure I've seen a complimentary review in CM, when I don't know! I only noticed it because I got very into Belgian railways after a great visit and railfanning trip a few years back.


John E.

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Have not seen any B-Models products but did collect a copy of the B-models 2012 at The Hobby Shop (www.hobb-e-mail.com) at Faversham. Contact Harvey and he can order anything you may be interested in.


No connection with The Hobby Shop other than a satisfied regular customer - off there tomorrow for a dose of retail therapy!!



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