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Intercity Swallow era depot signage - what did it look like?


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Hi all, following some discussion elsewhere, it appears as though in Intercity days there was an amount of corporate signage applied to some depots.

Polmadie, Craigentinny, Bounds Green and St Phillip's Marsh have been suggested as possibles, but no pictures were forthcoming. Does anyone on here have one they could share, or a memory of what they'd have looked like?

The problem I have is I'd like to be able to run the layout in Intercity and Network SouthEast days as well as FGW, but I've applied FGW branding, based on that at Old Oak which would need covering for an early '90s setting.

Here's the real thing, http://www.flickr.com/photos/37190-dalzell/8191476190/sizes/l/

And a photo of the layout's sign, showing what needs covering over, above the rear vehicle of the train


I've got an image in my head of something like the grey and red logo applied to Intercity road vehicles: http://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5170037599/in/set-72157625373519212/

I'd be grateful for any assistance, photos or memories anyone can share!



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Hi Leon,

Yeah i have, along with Flickr and smugmug, but to no avail. Plenty of 'general' photos from the digital era, but it seems in the film days people were more selective of what the photographed



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Aberdeen Clayhills had three such signs -

one visible on the main depot building from the railside

The yard side did not so as not to affect the local residents -


one at the main road entrance


one of the admin building entrance

I too have been unable to find a clear photo of the illuminated sign on the main depot building


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