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Good news (for a change) from Ebay sellers and Royal Mail


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Too many times we hear only of the bad experiances from Ebay and the Royal Mail, here are a couple of good experancies. Now living in SW Herts we suffered quite a lot of snow on Friday and it kept snowing on Saturday and Sunday.


I won an item on Wednesday night, the seller kindly sent a message saying that owing to work commitments he could not send it till Friday, I wrote back saying (as snow was expected) not to bother if the weather was bad.


Well a knock on the door Saturday morning (we had a good 4" plus of snow) and the postman was there with my package, as it came from up north well done to the seller and the Royal Mail.


Friday night I won another item and I guess it was posted yesterday, given that it came from Staffordshire and they had the bad weather Sunday/Monday another great service from an Ebayer and the Royal Mail.


Super service from both sellers and the Royal Mail, and both items were super.


Good service always seems to be forgotton quickly, I guess many other sellers also provided the same level of service and the Royal Mail (no I dont work for them) has worked wonders delivering our mail on time

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Not Ebay related but a similar tale - ordered some car parts online lunch time Sunday and they were delivered at 9.30am on the Monday morning - this was from a large national supplier who must have had staff in working over the weekend - most unexpected.

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