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Great service from new supplier for electronics "Spiratronics"


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 I would like to share my experience of using "Spiratronics" an electronics supplier based in Peterborough.

Yesterday I ordered 6 lots of dropper wire 16/0.2 in various colours a total of 70 meters. Having ordered yesterday at about 3-00pm my wire arrived this morning via 1st class Royal Mail, cost £8.90 (less than 13p / meter plus £1.49 p&p What a great service. I got a few other things again great value.

Just thought my fellow posters should know, they also do LED's, resistors, soldering equipment, anything you want for an electronic project. There web site is at Spiratronics

Maybe not a traditional model shop but well worth a visit.


Excellent service, I will certainly be returning for more

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Hi all


Must have used this company three or four times in the past 6 months and really can't praise them highly enough and would strongly recommend them.

They offer a good range of components at very reasonable prices and a realistic p&p charge. Add to this a simple to use website and the jobs a good 'un.


No connection to the company, just a very happy customer



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I placed a web order with Spiratronics for dropper wire and heat shrink on the evening of 26th Dec. It was picked and dispatched on the 27th by 1st Class Royal Mail. Can't ask for better from the supplier!


Sadly, Royal Mail seemed to lose the package as it took them more than 200 hours to get it 67.6 miles. I know that RM targets expect Posties to walk at around 3mph which seems a bit extreme for people also delivering to a rural area but 1 mile every 3 hours is taking a go-slow to the extreme! Even I could have walked to and from Peterborough in the time they took.


Please do not let this deter you from using Spiratronics, with whom I am more than happy and will use again; my advice is not to pay for 1st Class Royal Mail delivery - it is a right rip off!

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