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A visit to Alphington

Captain Kernow

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Matford Park and ride does exist now known as the Green park and ride service by Stagecoach Southwest from Exeter cattle market into the city centre

Indeed it does, but what John was referring to, of course, was the rail version, as so ably modelled by him and Peter Archard in P4...  :)

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I appreciate all these postings are from 2013 - it is now 2019 and I have just joined the site. On the subject of this very much truncated part of the Exeter Rail Network I would appreciate any help acquiring images taken at Ground Level of the area back in the 1940s 1950s 1960s or even 1970s that may include part or whole images of the premises of Garton & King Ltd, - onetime in our family ownership and whose archive website I maintain here - www.exeterfoundry.org.uk - on this site there are aerial views of the Foundry taken in 1945 and the rail network in that area, however images of the foundry (which was opposite the sidings serving at that time Kings Asphalt) are almost impossible to source - the Branch Line Society visited the area many years back but none of the images include the foundry, ironically one was of the crossing at the end of Tan Lane and was taken with the photographer situated with his back to the Foundry Gates!. I have attampted to attach one of these aerial views to this post - the foundry is able to be clearly identified. The SECOND image I have permission to use.

Thanks for any help / images / suggestions -a visit to the G & K Archive website will show more rail related images.





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