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Lynton & Barnstaple in 4mm

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Aft'noon all,


Forgive my ignorance but I have no experience of narrow gauge models in 4mm.


Does any manufacturer produce L&B stock suitable for running alongside P4 stock?


An enthusiastic observer of Tor Giffard has suggested a narrow gauge station near to the junction station on the layout.





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Peco do L&B Wagons, and will release their coaches soon. Heljan have announced a MW that can represetn everyone except 'Lew' and 'Lyn' is available as a kit from backwoods. Langley do the remaining coaches


However, all of these are to 009 (9 mil track), which scales out at 2' 3", rather than the L&B 1' 11 1/2" (nominal 2ft) gauge.


If you are running P4, and want to handbuild your own track, you might want to try 8mm gauge: I can't imagine that the rolling stock would be too hard to modify, but 009 locos are exceptionally tightly packaged: it may not be possible to regauge them to 8mm quite so easily

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The bigger bogie goods stock is made by ninelines and available here



The other 4 wheel wagons with top hung doors not covered by the Peco rtr ones http://www.parksidedundas.co.uk/acatalog/Lynton___Barnstaple_Railway.html


Etched brass coaches and wagons from Langley


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Backwood  minatures  make  a   high  quality  etched  kit  for  the  Manning  Wardles,  this  is  intended  for  9mm  but  would  easily  alter  to  8mm  if  a  more  accurate  track  gauge  was  required.  (Just  checked  on  my  part  built  chassis)

They  also  do  a  Baldwin  (Lyn)  though   I  have  not  seen  one  of  these  and  cant  vouch  for  adaptability.

Also  the  L&B  crane,  this  I   have  but  not yet  built,  looks  very  good.



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