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SEEP PM4 Point Motors & Peco Code 75 Track


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Hello - I have an old layout which I'm trying to wire. The track is peco code 75 with electrofrog points. Two of the points have lost their spring but are otherwise in good condition and are fitted with SEEP PM1 point motors. Can I repalce these with PM4 self latching point motors to 'repair' these as the layout is ballasted and I don't fancy lifting them?


I am running DC and have a Gaugemaster 'D' controller. & cdu. I have been looking at different switches but find that there is a bewildering array no doubt specifically suited to different jobs. Would the best switches for point motors be momentary bias dpdt switches? and how would these be wired? The initial board I'm working on is a terminus and has two points for the runaround loop which I'd like to use as a starting point. Is it worth wiring in LEDs on the control panel to show how the points are set?


I'd appreciate any help as this is my first wiring job. Apologies for the rambling question but I don't want to purchase the wrong bits.

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If you email PECO's technical department they will send you a pack of 5 replacement springs free of charge. Bit fiddly to fit but there are instructions with them. I've had a couple of springs fail but I'm using PECO PL10E point motors mounted below the baseboard using PL9 bases, so all I did was replace the base with the PL12 version that has a built-in spring. I found this easier to do and no doubt the SEEP PM4 will do the same job.

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yes no problem with using pm4 self latching , they do not need any return spring on the point so these will do the job for you .


the best way is to use either peco or Hornby point switches as you will know witch way the point is set by looking at the switch and very easy to wire up , if you want led ligts to show the direction of the points you need to wire 12v direct current to the inbuilt switch on the point motor to light the led as points ony work on a short boost of power from the cdu and there is no current to light the led when switched .


if you want any more advice please ask



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