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A belated Hello


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I'm afraid this is a rather belated 'hello' to everyone, as I have been a happy and interested (but entirely silent!) reader for some time, particularly of the 3D Printing forum.


To briefly introduce myself, my involvement with modelling goes back over thirty years to when I owned a kit manufacturing business (Vulcan Model Engineering) that designed and produced a small range of 7mm scale loco kits (and one 4mm!) - and a rather larger range of machined chassis and motion parts. Among other skills strangely omitted from my education, I learned all about pantographs and how to draw artwork the hard way with a Rotring pen and compass!


Since then I spent many years setting up and building a company producing resin moulded components for almost every conceivable application - happily including the odd railway model. Now slightly retired and freelance (although the company continues to go from strength to strength), but still producing the odd 3D CAD designed and machined or printed master pattern, I really have less excuse for not being a more active modeller.


Still Midlands based and (but not exclusively) an O Gauge modeller by inclination, I like the slightly more unusual prototypes (perhaps this showed in the choice of Vulcan subjects!), and I am especially fascinated by the possibilities offered by CAD generated design in general and 3D printing in particular.


Thanks and Best Regards,



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