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How do you run paired units in DCC with Sound?


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How do you run a pair of locomotives together in DCC with Sound either as both powered or one powered and the other simulating being towed?


In analogue, this is straightforward, but with DCC, I'd have switch quickly and make adjustments to both by flipping. I have a NCE Powercab with a single cab, so perhaps I'd have to own two cabs.

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Getting the two locos to respond at the same time is easy - have a look in the Power Cab manual for "Consists" or try this YouTube




With sound on the main engine sounds should follow what the motor is doing. What happens to the horn/whistle function when consisted I'm not sure....


Happy modelling.


Steven B.

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I seem to recall there was a way of programming a loksound to only sound the horn on the leading loco based on the direction of travel.


But in answer to the OP's question....


either you can set both locomotives to the same address or....you can use a consist mode on your controller as mentioned.

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Getting two DCC locos to move together is done as described above, using one controller, but having sound operating on both, whilst tricky, is certainly possible as demonstrated here 

. Assuming both locos have been accurately speed matched, it is important to start off the consist very slowly - ie starting on speed step 1 and waiting until both locos are moving.  At that stage, increase the speed very slowly.  If you rush it, you will have derailments.  I found the results in my video very satisfying.  If however, you want to simulate a dead loco being towed, then you would have sound only on the towing loco.  The problem is that in both scenarios, the locos move off at different times, hence the need to have a very slow creep on speed step 1 and increase speed patiently!


What I have found with my Powercab/procab is that, after the consist is set up, the individual locos still respond to the controller as far as lights, sound and horn are concerned, but the consist moves off whichever loco address is entered.  This also means that, once moving, the loco address entered is the one whose horn sounds.  Come to think, I have not established what happens if I enter the consist addres to drive the locos.


I hope this helps.



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