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Can anyone identify this Greek (OSE) EMD?

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Hi there,

Can one of you'll identify this Greek (OSE) EMD locomotive (see images). All I know is that it resembles our INDIAN RAILWAYS WDP-4 diesel electric locomotive. Google failed miserably. I'd be happy if someone can shed some light on this loco and give me a few details like it's designation and type of service. I'd also like to see a few more pics of the side.

I am making HO scale Indian models and the WDP-4 is on my list. Would surely love to make a few mods and make a static model of both these Greek locos.

Looking forward to some help.

Thanks in advance.







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looking up 060DS gives this thread which indicates it might be Algerian rather than Greek! (scroll down a bit). Scroll down even further, and there's one in a train with some UK class 66s for DRS, presumably on delivery from the N American works!


plus some on this page (in Hungarian unfortunately), but clearly N Africa - scroll down and I think it says introduced in 2008


and a youtube

 where I got an error part way through.
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As eastwestdivide suggests, I don't think these are Greek!

While I may not know everything about Greek railways & locos by a long shot - I'm sure I would have picked up on these brutes!

Checking on http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix_frameset.html and selecting from the "Pictures" menu at left, scroll down to the third flag in "other pictures" - it's a green & white flag with DZ on it, gives you all the different Algerian diesels, one picture by Jean-Michel Barnabé looks identical to your top left view!


John E.

(Big OSE fan!)

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Yes, elsewhere on http://www.railfaneurope.net/list/algeria/algeria_sntf.html you'll find two similar classes of GM GT36HCW listed for SNFT (Algeria), the DR class for freight and DS for passenger.


Algeria is a country not well covered in the railway press (I can't even remember a recent article in Lok Report, the German magazine that best covers contemporary railways worldwide).

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