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Squealing Locomotives

ronnie thommo

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Hi Guys


I have two locomotives which ' squeal ' as they move around on my layout.




My Hornby Class 60 014


This makes an awful racket as it moves round, the higher the speed, the worse it is


My Bachmann Class 66 407


This does the same, but not as bad


I have lubricated the cogs on the Class 60, and given it a good hour's running to no avail

I have also lubricated the Class 66


I'm not sure what else i can do from here


Has anyone any idea as to why these loco's are making this awful squealing sound at all, and what i can try next please ?



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I have come across this issue before with various motors, in all cases the armature bearing is running dry.  A drop of oil on the armature shaft/bearing does the trick.  If the Class 60 is a Ringfield version then the bearing to lubricate is just behind the Brass/metal 11 tooth gear.


Hope this helps

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Cheers guys

I've done the Class 60 and it is now running nice and smooth after an hours running

The Class 66 wasn't as successful,as it squeals a bit still in one direction only.

I think this will be because it hasn't run as much it that direction so i'll give it a little more lubrication and run it for an hour.

Hopefully that will do the trick !

I will update when this has been done.



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Used some superlube on a Hornby "City Of Saint Albans" once and the little brass drive cog came off. I've never been able to put it back on!

We used the stuff to loosen the main engine mount on a 1962 Lambretta with great success too!! 

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Yes, proper lubricating oil was used Bill.

I have my reservations as to whether the Class 66 will play ball tho!

It is still squealing in one direction.

I can't lubricate it any more.

I can live with a bit of screeching and squealing i suppose,but i wonder if any damage is being done to the motor ?

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