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Embossed stonework method.


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Advice please on creating a scribed Cornish style random finish to some buildings.


There's nothing out there in embossed plasticard material that will suit the texture and course style that I need..


What would be the best recommendation for the clay material to use.


This is what is needed. Many thanks.





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I think at this request I'd rather hand you over to Iain C Robinson, the master of all things scribed.


What I'm currently working on is a Cornish building - Tintagel Post Office -  but the stonework looks nothing like that on your photo's.


Think I'll go and eat worms...




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What scale are you working in?


I can think of a technique which would work well in 16mm scale without being too much work, but in 4mm scale the stonework with its flush mortar is going to be all but flat, and that is difficult - and a lot of fiddly work - to get right.


If it is 4mm scale and the walls aren't too large, my approach would be to use a good quality white, faced card. Firstly, I would lightly draw out the mortar courses with a sharp H pencil, then I would use a cocktail stick to apply minute amounts of acrylic artists' medium to represent the protrusions in the stonework. Once the medium is thoroughly dry (48 hours plus), I would paint the whole thing a medium grey to match the mortar colour, and then when that is thoroughly dry, I would start painting individual "stones" their correct colours using a very fine brush (000 or finer) and with constant reference to colour photos of the real thing. When that paint aaas all dry, I would lightly dust the whole with light grey powder to tone it down, and finally use other powders to add stains, mildew marks, etc. This isn't too far away from the methods used at Pendon, it can produce  a very realistic result but it certainly isn't quick.

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