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Nanpean Wharf what uses and what traffic?


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Hi all

I'm interested in more info regarding Nanpean wharf. What used the wharf, what was loaded/unloaded there etc? 

I know about the traffic that used it to get in and out of Drinnick mill, but there seems to be a lacking of info online, that I can find with what went on at the wharf.


Was it general goods for local deployment? Was there any clay loaded (thinking bagged wise)? The calcified seaweed loading I've seen referenced only seems to mention HEAs(or the PGAs) so I'm guessing late 80s, was there seaweed loading in the late 70s/ early 80s? 


Was there a heyday of the wharf? What was the reason for the raised wharf section I've seen photos of (the DMU railtours that couldnt fit in the wharf etc)?


Also any photos of the wharf? I've seen this one http://railphotoprints.zenfolio.com/p871176062/h484BB394#h484bb394 which is really useful for the location, but the working is just right at the end of my time period and seems to be just a Drinnick mill rake. Thats also the photo in JV's West country china clay trains.


Questions and questions hope thats not too many to ask....


Thank you for your time







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By the 80s it was also used for storing crippled and withdrawn wagons.


I suspect (and this is just me guessing) that the heyday was the steam era - the 50/60s and earlier. On those days there were a huge number of small clay works locally , many of which didn't have their own siding. So clay was brought in cart (and latter lorry) to load at a wharf. By the 70s the small works were all being rationalised and shut in favour of big works with direct loading facilities.

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Thanks Tom

I reckon your probably right about the steam era, but I think I could make a micro layout from bits and ideas from the wharf. A small loading operation, cripple corner, traversing trains for a branch, seaweed and so on, I could always squeeze in a small slurry loading gantry, I know its straying fro Nanpean but it would suit.



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I've often wondered how to squeeze in a layout that had the junction, the reversal and wharf at Nanpean and a flavour of the Drinnick Mill works. Would be interesting with the levels.


I think your koan would work very well and could still get the 'flavour' of the spot if not a direct copy

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