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Structure Drawings for the S&D

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I think it may depend upon exactly what you are seeking :-)


The S&DRT have many old drawings in their archives and I suspect that the S&DRHT also have similar sort of material, but not sure about the NDRT. There are also various S&D enthusiasts who have produced their own drawings based on photographs and plans etc. No doubt our 'man from Blandford' can tell us more about the archive material held by that local group.


Bearing in mind that stations on the SCR, the DCR and the 'Bath Extension' will all have their particular 'flavours', are you looking for anywhere specific or just something 'generic' - and what types of buildings?

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My preference is for small, I think I have a good selection of information of S&D signal boxes, but its the small waiting shelter and station building that I am keen on, preferring brick or wood construction.


But the S&D isn't a railway I know that much about other than watching Ivo Peters films, and the Midland Railway influence.

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The northern end of the line is in different places.


Bath is in the Bath Archives

Midford - is covered in Mike Arletts lovley book on that station

Radstock - is covered by Chris Handley's wonderfull books

Midsomer Norton - Is covered by Chris Childs book - the station buildings here are all but identical to those at Binegar and Chilcompton.

Evercreech Junction is in the SDRT Trust and therefore available at the Somerset Archives in Taunton.


Cole, Wincanton, Templecombe lower, Stalbridge, Sturminster, Shillingstone, Blandford and Bailey Gate are all built to a standard set of principals 

Templecombe Upper - rebuilding drawings in the SDRT collection in the Somerset Archives

Templecome shed, outbuildings and bridges ( Goods shed, number 2 junction box, water towers, lower building still being worked on (sorry Tim)) done by me

Henstridge - dont know.


Shilingstone was covered in an edition of the Pines Express a few years ago

I have done drawings of Stalbridge (main building and SM house), Sturminster (main building), Blandford (all buildings but not the iron bridge or Salisbury Road bridge) and Bailey Gate (main buildings and most of the signal box,


West Pennard is covered in another edition of the Pines Express.
Glastonbury was done by a member of the SDRT

Highbridge done by Alexander Grey, but does not appear to be in the Trust Archive, although I am still checking that out.

Edington Junction and Bridgewater are covered in the book on the Bridgewater branch. - also held at the Somerset archives


Wells - I have managed to do the water Tower , there are some dimensions of the goods shed at Priory Road which I have been sent but not yet put together, Station Masters house is in the Wiltshire archive


If you know specifically what you are looking for I might be able to pass more info.


Sadly most of the SDRT archives are outline drawings. There are very few elevational drawings in existance.


Hope this helps



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I knew Duncan would be along in a while....:-)


There are also plans 'somewhere' for the second Shapwick signal-box and the one at Moorewood (both S&DJR Type 3 structures), tho' curiously the latter shows the lever-frame at the front whereas in fact it was at the back.


Wellow (third box) still stands, so you could go to see it if required. (NB: the drawing of it in the OPC "The Signal Box" is back-to-front!). Likewise the 'hut' from Burnham is at the S&DRT Museum at Washford.


Anyone who finds a decent picture of Wimborne Loop box will get a prize :O

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I have had a look for you on the SDRT trust list which is all held at Somerset Records and cant find any references to 25A. Probably the only chance is seeing if Russ Garner knows. I'm surprised Russ has not responded as it was posted in the Yahoo group back in May. I will drop Russ an e mail to see if he knows anything.


Looking at the photos on line I think the one thing we can say is that it was left hand drive.


It may be though having to make calculated guesses based on other engines, which I know is not ideal.


Kind regards


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Based on the pictures of the goods shed at Midsomer Norton and a wagon parked in it I have started to nut out some dimensions if that helps.

Sadly I don't have any pictures of the structure from the inside. Has anybody else by chance got a photo?

I wish it was possible to get software where you could take a photo that was at an angle and the software calculated what the actual dimensions were :P


ahh to dream :P


Kind Regards,



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I can only help you with one drawing & photo of a small hut that was on the platform at Highbridge and was then transferred to the County Infants School in the town. You can see my photo & drawing at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26356051/in/album/512733

Regrettably I don't seem to have measured it!

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