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Hornby Select - Suitable Accessory Decoder

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I've been doing a search on google, and RMWeb, and I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for.


I am using a Hornby Select to provide control for my N Gauge layout. I want to control my points via DCC, and was wondering which one to go for? I have looked at the Hornby, and the Lenz LS150. I have 10 points in total to control, and maybe a couple of Dapol Signals when the bracket versions finally hit our shores.


I ideally don't want to switch controllers, although I do have Bachmann Ez Command Controller if necessary, but I find the Select is the better of the two I have.


Are they easy to wire and set up?


As always, any advice and help is greatly appreciated.

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What motors do you have on your points? If you don't already have motors go for a servo accessory decoder and use servos which should be cheapest. The Signalist SC2 should work and depending on your track plan you will only need to for the points, Peco PLS100 system might work too (has anyone tried it yet with a Select?) and the ESU Switchpilot Servo is another possibility.


You will need a separate accessory decoder to do the Dapol signals. There is the TrainTech decoder that will do two arms, or the Signalist SC1+DP8 combination that will do eight arms.

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Trying to locate a Hornby R8247 accessory decoder at the moment is like trying to find rocking horse droppings! They aren't hardly any around!

Though some suppliers are saying they expect new supplies towards the end of July '14. But don't hold your breath!


If you're in desperate need of a point decoder then seriously consider the DCC Concepts AD-S8 Eight outputs each with its own CDU (Unlike the R8247 which has one CDU shared between all four outputs). Works ok with the Hornby Select and Elite.

Rails of Sheffield are about the cheapest AFAIK... £39.95 for an AD-S8 eight output decoder - link to Rails

This video shows the Select and AD-S8 being used together, feeding a Seep solenoid point motor but the Peco PL10E and PL11 would be the same.



Edit to correct supplier details

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