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Chivers Kits on a Minitrains F&C chassis

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I have been building for myself a loco using the Chivers RC23 C&M Chevlier fitted to a Minitrains F&C chassis

the chassis



body fitted to chassis




next to a peco L&B wagon



next to a Minitrains F&C loco



next to a A1 models Kerr stuart



next to a Tebee 3d printed loco



next to a peco coach



I have replaced the cab roof in the kit which is white metal with a plastic one to help move the ballance paint forword


the rear wheel is just in front of the cab


I have almost finished the loco I still need to add coal

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I have started a 2nd Five79 (chivers finelines) OO9 loco using the Minitrains F&C 0-4-0 chassis


this time its the RC 39 Kerr Stuart Skylark

The parts


001 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


after removing around 5mm from the back of the footplate i added the bufferbeams & buffers


003 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


I made up the body but i also cut out the coutout on the iner tank side ( still need to remove the plastic boiler boten from the chassis


004 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


as the motor on the chassis fits in to the cab & not the boiler i have made a new one from brass tube which i have filled with low melt solder to add weight over the wheels


005 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


followed by soldering the footplate,body & boiler togetter


006 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


007 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


008 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


I did not like how the dome in the kit looked with the chimney i am using so swoped it for one in the spares box heres the loco ready for a wash & painting


009 by Mozzer models, on Flickr


010 by Mozzer models, on Flickr

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