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Making 00 gauge poppies

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Hi all,


Leading on from another topic 'Another use for Post-it notes' on Modelling questions hints & tips

This is how I made the poppies for my tribute WW1 layout, Wipers Ridge...........or did I?


To be taken with a rather large pinch of salt!!


Stage 1.


First, take one Jack Russell, hold very carefully, & tug manfully on his whiskers

Due to the proximity of some rather sharp terrible terrier teeth, please ensure that an adult is present at all times, hopefully with a fully charged camera or camcorder for You've been framed moment! £200 goes a long way towards your modelling account, & you've always got more fingers.


Once the required whisker has detached itself from the now furious Jack's face, repeat, until you have the required amount.

Cat whiskers may be used as an alternative, or visit a local zoo, safari park etc if really tired of life.


Secure whiskers to the sticky bit of a post it note & carefully paint in a light green.

Alternatively, use a short length of fine florists wire to replace the whisker.

Stage one is now complete.


Stage 2.


Foliage is important to all plant growth, providing chlorophyll, vital for health & vigour so my chosen method for reproducing this in 00 gauge is to obtain a small child. With the promise of sweets, toys, trips etc, ask the child to delve around it's nostril area with a digit, evidently something small children often do free of charge. It is imperative that parental permission be sought.

Once the infant has liberally covered it's digit with nose contents ( snot, bogie, booger etc) select the driest offering & carefully glue to the afore mentioned dog/ cat/ lion/ otter whisker.


Alternatively, cut out four very fine strips from a light green paper napkin & glue to the florist wire.


Stage 3.


The all important flower head now completes the poppy.

You can use either a small child or indeed an elderly relative for this process. Take the volunteer / victim to a roughly surfaced path. Roll up the trouser legs, once again with express parental / carer permission. Ask the target to walk along the rough surface, then apply a quick but severe push into the small of the back, & await lacerations to the knee areas.

Under the pretence of assisting the victim, dash forward with a small knob of cotton wool, which you them dab onto the profusely bleeding kneecaps.

Leave the victim to sort themselves out & dash back to your modelling cave & cut the cotton wool into matchhead sized pieces.

Glue these to the end of the dog whisker, & your poppy is complete, and as the modeller, you know that it truly encapsulates tragedy & sacrifice.


Alternatively, take a small pinch of poppy red Flowersoft fibre, & glue to the end of the florist wire.


Your task is now complete. You either have a quite realistic poppy to pop onto your layout, or you have a reddish blobby thing & a distinct lack of fingers.

I have included a perfectly out of focus shot of the poppies to illustrate just how wonderful they are









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Good points campaman & Allan, however, there's nothing to beat the 'unguarded chainsaw' effect of an outraged Jack Russell.

Scream if you want to go faster, just ask our vet, or as we refer to him 'Three fingers' He he!

I believe that Yeti pelt makes a reasonable standby for teddy bear fur.



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