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Saunton Park

Ken Anderson

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I suppose my first interest in model railways was in 1950 with a Hornby O Gauge oval of track on the sitting room floor. In 1955 I moved to live and go to School on the Isle of Wight. I then started a typical OO layout on a sheet of 8x4 ply in the cellar of the house. There was also a model railway club at school and I wrote an article about a UK railway station for the school each month based on previous articles in the Railway Modeller.

My modelling activities for the next 20 years were mostly in aero modelling and particularly with RC gliders. Then living in North Devon each day after work I would put a couple of gliders in the back of the car and go and fly them off the Clift's for a couple of hours, no noise no dirty fuel.

Work then forced a house move to an area unsuitable for flying RC gliders so my interest returned to model railways and I really became interested in EM gauge with particular interest in detailed track & point work an signalling.

Some years later a change of job forced another house move and no time for hobbies.

Fast forward to 2014 finds my wife and I both retired and living in sunny Spain for some 10 years.

Unfortunately this year has not been good for me having been quite poorly and in and out of hospital since February. At the beginning of September I started to get a lot better and decided I needed a new hobby to help my recovery.

Based on my EM Gauge experience I decided to build a C&L turnout but as my eyesight and dexterity is no longer like it was 20 or 30 years ago I decided to try a build in 7mm.

The potential downside was the lack of space for an O Gauge layout, but as the objective was primarily to build the turnout this was overcome using a workbench just over 5 foot wide.

So the project begins.............

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Simon, thank you.

As for serious modelling I am constantly amazed at the high standard and quality of models that folks write about and doubt if I will be able to approach be able to create anything other mediocre. But then the project is to help me back to normal health and life so I only have to make myself and my wife happy with what I'm doing.


Just to add a little more to the introdduction as I said I went to school on the Isle of Wight travelling to and from Sandown by train each day. After school there was normally an interval of 15 or 20 minutes before the train arrived and I soon made friends with the signalman who allowed me into his box and after a while allowed me to throw a couple of levers and make and respond to the bell signals.


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Although the project was primarily to make a turnout using C&L components I started perhaps cackhandedly with the scenery as it would take a few weeks for the turnout bits and pieces to arrive.

As I said the project was being built on a workbench just over 5 feet long with a stonewall at end so I decided to have a tunnel mouth at one end and a road bridge at the other.

The pictures show the early build of the armatures for the scenery. A mix of cardboard, thin ply and plaster bandage. Very rough at this stage but the final results have turned out well to my satisfaction. 





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Before starting on the turnout I decided to build stretch of straight track off layout on a building board.

I can't get Butanone where I live but I found that Humbrol Precison Poly Cement works well and is easily obtainable over the Internet.

Once completed I lifted it off the paln and stripped paper before transferring it to the layout.




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Thanks for the kind good wishes.

Now back home after being well nursed and looked after by excellent caring nurses and staff.

Plenty of antibiotics and three good meals a day worked wonders.


The duty signalman has now arrived and can be seen having despatched a local goods train to Croyde.

Just waiting for the Forestry Commission workers to finish the plantation and I'm done.







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This is progressing nicely and I'm pleased to read that your are recovering from the recent ministrations of the voodoo man doctor. Perhaps you will permit a couple of observations on your work. First, the base at the front of your signal box would not be overgrown with vegetation as this is where the point rodding and signal control wires would emerge. Secondly, there ought to be a trap point on the loop to protect the main-line. This could be a simple single tongue arrangement and a cosmetic representation would probably suffice without causing disruption to your existing trackwork.





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Trees planted, comments noted and actioned.

The objective I set out in the first post of this thread achieved.

I found the turnout construction far easier than I thought it would be and may consider an outdoor track next as a test bed for battery radio control.

For now that's it, I'm happy and my wife is happy. :sungum:





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