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Yellow workbench,coaches and wagons...

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Using "bits n bobs" ...


A4 plastic sheet card,

super glue,

Dapol MRA wagon chassie,

MDF thin wood,

craft knife,pen,

And photos of the network rail de icer wagon.


Heres what ive (scratch built) in afternoon...

Its rough,so it can be changed in places...



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I like that Neil


I had started a similar project over a year ago


I had stripped a Heljan cargowaggon flat and for fhe runners I was going to use a chassis from an OBA


Suffice to say it stopped at that point.


I will add it to the list of projects to be resurrected !



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Looking good, there is great infrastructure stuff to model. If your making a few more models of the RHTT I found that the inside tube from a fax machine is 22mm dia and is just about right, also you could use the ratio water tank kit as a base a little to big but you can get away with it,

As a money saver the old Hornby container fret is a bargain on eBay and a new set of Bachmann Y25 bogies set on them works a treat to, see the picture below.

Looking forward to following this thread, and comparing notes...


Ps... If you choose to model some coaches, thin styrene sheet with the windows cut out on a laser cutter make very cheap sides which can be glued on, a digital vernier measure is about a £10 on line and helps to map out the donor coach profile.


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