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T9 30120 in 1961


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I've done some digging around on the internet, but have been unable to shed much light on this subject. So, with the hope that someone on here may be able to supply me with information, I'll ask here.


Does anyone know, what condition T9 30120 was in for the duration of November 1961? For example, was the engine running, or under overhaul, and what livery was then applied.


This is down to the fact, that as far as I know, 30120 was the only T9 to make it through this period, even though it had been withdrawn from BR. And that I am also constructing a layout that is based on the Southern region in November 1961, and would like to know whether having a running T9 on this layout is feasible.

All help is much appreciated.


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Hi Matt,


Last shed allocations for 30120


Eastleigh  1/10/53

Exmouth Junc  18/3/61

Eastleigh  9/11/61


It was outshopped from Eastleigh works in March 1962.


From the above I would infer it was in use until early November 1961 but others might know more.


If you are not already and are interested in the Southern, I would recommend joining the Southern Email Group and asking the question there. Very knowledgeable group.




Brian G.

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