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7 completed 3 L&Y & 1 Midland loco in progress.

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Quick update.


I've been working on the 2nd chassis of the aspinall tank. Although I'm not sure about the rear pony truck running through pointwork the chassis is running beautifully smooth down to a crawl. I've curved some flex track to a A5 & now I've tweeked the chassis it seems to run through it. I'm going to do some tests this evening at the club to see if all is well.


I don't think I will get chance to do much more on it now until next week. I've just taken some commissions from the local model shop to do a load of weathering which will hopefully buy me some more kits :D


I think once the aspinall is done I'm going to turn to the saddle tank to get finished by Christmas but I want to get a coach kit built too which is half finished.


I will get some videos of the barton wright & aspinall running tonight at the club.



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Just a quick update. I've been working on the aspinall chassis & i'm currently on the mk3 chassis.


I've built a pony for the rear & i'm hoping this evening when it'd tested it will work over pointwork. If it doesn't, the toys are getting launched out the pram, the bottom lips out & i'm going modern image !!!!


Fingers crossed.

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Just a quick update on the aspinall.


I think I've finally cracked it. We tested the chassis on our club layout & it ran through pointwork without issue. I think the pick ups need tweeking but it's set up as a temporary measure anyway until i got it right.


I attached the boiler to the body last night & fitted all the boiler bands so it's getting finished this week. I want the model in paint by weekend. I'm going to order a high level gearbox today because I want to rest a theory on something. I'm going to do a full update with photos & videos sometime in the next few days when I've got the aspinall finished off.


That's it for now

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I'm not sure about a genius but i try ; )

The aspinall has now been painted & it's ready for lining. I have the the brakes to fit to the chassis & then it is complete. I will upload some photos when i get the chance. I've been working on the model this afternoon but my wife has just called to say the car has died so i best go see what the problem is.



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As promised some photos of the aspinall 2-4-2 tank

Chassis first 










Nice kit but very challenging & the chassis is very over complex for my tastes but if we didnt have the kit we wouldn't have the long bunker version.

Next up is the barton wright class 23 saddle tank if i have time.


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