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  1. As a track builder my biggest beef is the lack of additional track gauges, easy to get roller gauges, but check and wing rail gauges !! Also why do roller gauges have to have built in check gauges ? or at least one side without !!
  2. Jim Thank you for the input, my knowledge of 7mm scale gauges is quite limited. But at a previous club one of the members decided to use a 32mm gauge with finer tolerance crossings. As you would expect it resulted in a bit of a dogs dinner. Full marks for wanting better looking and performing crossings, but making up your own your own standards is fraught with danger.
  3. Geoff What a great attempt, and its a bit of jumping in at the deep end, as well as the common crossings you have also built 2 obtuse crossings!! One never has enough track gauges. As well as roller gauges, in 00 gauge wing rail gauges are very useful, they are a flat bar usually 2" long by 1/2" but 1.25mm thick (the older SMP kits came with flat ali bars, 16.5mm wide but the magic 1.25mm wide, rubbish track gauges but great wing rail gauges) these can be put against the Vee and the wing rail can be soldered in place. Whilst technically wrong, they can also be used to fit the check rails The only tip I can give you about a curved scissors is to start in the middle and work outwards, but curved obtuse crossings are notoriously difficult to build in 00 gauge owing to inertia wanting to make the wheels go through the gap rather than follow the curve. Don't ask how I found out !!
  4. Ian No problems, I don't mind anyone contributing to the thread and ask questions why I do certain things, many others may have the same thoughts and fail to ask why On the other hand I feel its important to dispel the myths that track building is very hard, simply its not I accept my basic version of a Vee is not quite right, on the other hand I feel its far more important to start using the correct chairs where they are available, far too many still use standard chairs in positions where they should not be and where there is an alternative There is a whole range of special chairs available from Exactoscale, C&L are also making a start on special chairs, L1 (bridge & J (joint) chairs are now available in 2 & 3 bolt versions, Phil is looking at a basic/simplified sprue(s) of basic special chairs for a turnout. The stumbling bloc is the cost of tools and demand. In my opinion too little encouragement is being made to educate modellers All publicity is good thank you for taking the time to bring up this topic
  5. Ian You are quite right, even the best modellers do make a few compromises, this is one I make as I rather concentrate on what I can see Firstly the nose should be blunt, not pointed, secondly in model terms there is not the weight mass to damage the rail, thirdly its not visible at normal viewing distances. If you wish to replicate it that's fine, but a sharper point on the vee is also non prototypical, I do know modellers who add parts that cannot be seen, and that's their choice. Many modellers claim track building is too difficult. Let's face it the most popular scale is not prototypical in gauge, but its accepted!!
  6. The past 3 days I have been slowly adding back the photo's that went missing, sorry for any mistakes that have crept in but I guess most will only occasionally look back I could not resist this one, this is one of Keyser's bodyline kits in this case fitting a Hornby Dublo R1 chassis. In my opinion excedening well built and painted Both body and chassis have been further detailed with Romford wheels and scale coupling rods added, a snip at £35 inc postage Short Term I will fit EM gauge axles and use axle washers to take out the added side play, I am hoping this will not foul the added detail (brake gear and sand pipes) Over time I may build a new etched chassis and add a can motor and gearbox Secondly Take it back to GNR livery as there was a GNR goods depot near, there must have been exchange working wround the docks
  7. As said it depends on how much you are going to use it, I bought a set very similar to this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273141390048?hash=item3f987edae0:g:pY0AAOSwA1paxDjY probably 10 years ago. Great for learning on especially if you are a newcomer. I could only get on with one of the airbrushes but it worked well for 6 or 7 years, probably to the abuse I gave it. I then bought an inexpensive replacement which I have looked after much better I did ask the company I bought the airbrush from if I should consider buying a better compressor, the reply was that I would have to spend quite a lot to buy something where I would notice the difference. I have been very pleased with the model I bought, there was a version with a tank for a little more
  8. What a pleasure it is for the site performance to be quick again. Well done
  9. A big thanks to all involved in getting the site back up and running
  10. I have just been so lucky in being able to buy an unbuilt Westward Double GWR Railcar (35 & 36). I have been trying to buy one for years but others have had much deeper pockets than mine (or I am just a skinflint) Well a couple of weeks ago I got one off eBay for £56 + postage. I was expecting to pay so much more, I put in a cheeky bid seconds before a more substantial one and won it with my first bid. The bid finished near midnight and the listing whilst not bad, it could have been better, I decided to take a bit of a flyer on this one, having said this all the main parts were visible. I got to know John Redrup and Chris Parish in the early 70's (if not the late 60's) but the cost of these Westward kits and the Lima chassis was out of my reach. I have even thought of how I could replicate one of these double units by kit bashing, but never picked up the courage. More importantly it keeps my memory of Chris alive I have decided not to use the Lima chassis, firstly as I will build this to EM gauge, secondly I have two Branchline motor bogies, which will be easy to re-gauge to EM gauge
  11. Westdale kits bring back a few memories as I bought an auto coach from Puffers of Kenton in the early 70's. Is there any coach diagram info on the plans ?
  12. I thought I would update my workbench with what's been happening during the forums absence. Before I go on a very big thankyou to Warners, Andy and all the others who have been busy sorting out the forum issues I was initially asked to build a right hand turnout of a formation to P4 gauge, once tested I was then asked to complete the complex, the turnout was incorporated into the formation template and additional timbers were then added The next main job was to build the 4 common crossings that were required This is the latest photo I have updated, though now all but one of the switch rails have been built, but as there is no chair plan or even special chairs for 3 ways its a case of skiing off-piste a bit. 90% of the chair positions are straight forward, the remaining 10% have to be guessed. Without clear photographic evidence and the lack of plans and specialist chairs its a case of best guess/adaption of what's available Still great to be back on line again
  13. March is flying by and New Martin Street has been in a sort of limbo for several reasons, firstly I am still in several minds about the side and backscene walls Secondly I have been talking with James Walters of Bexhill West fame about the servo actuators he uses James sent me some samples (plus a few other 3D printed goodies) and they look just the job, above are the actuators with one microswitch built in, James also does one with 2 microswitches. I can now both learn how to use servo point motors and fit some on the base board Above is an actuator without a microswitch and the control board (I have not read the instructions but I think it controls up to 4 units. More on this in the future James also makes a ballast hover https://makeitminiature.bigcartel.com/ Worth a look James YouTube channel also worth a look to see some very creative modelling
  14. It depends which C&L rail you have, Phil used to use the generic code 75 drawing tool the company producing the rail had, but I think like the 7mm rail now has his own 4mm tool which is much nearer scale. Do you have a scale plan to work to ?
  15. There is a large following of modellers who love the ability to easily make formations, in their own mind its correct and looks just like the prototype. Before anyone starts jumping up and down that's fine and I have no issues with it In most prototypical situations a so called Y turnout is asymmetrical, but then its far more common to see a turnout with a slight curve than a straight one but we accept straight turnouts as the norm.
  16. I have just bought on eBay a much modified K's J50 tank loco. The body seems to be well built with added detail and a nice paint job, perhaps the only criticism is the coarse 3 link couplings which can easily be changed The chassis is not the usual Hornby Dublo R1, but it looks to be a brass milled chassis with Romford wheels, guard irons and brake gear have also been added I bought it mainly for the body, looking quite splendid in LNER green livery (did these locos ever run in green livery ? ) I will alter it to EM gauge, initially I may get away with a quick axle change and a few washers, longer term a new etched chassis, motor and gearbox. All for less than the cost of new set of Markit drivers
  17. Nothing wrong with it being in hand built track and Templot, likewise it fits into small suppliers. Let's face it the kits have to be hand built, the OP showed kits being built, other have added to it by actually modifying the kits. Thirdly for those who want something better from that what is available from the main stream, where else would you put it ? Its a track topic !! Perhaps its the sections title that needs altering !! To me the detractors are those who seem to dislike anything that is not ready to run, this forum is not their natural home Wayne is breaking new ground here bringing in a range of turnouts and gauges not available from the mainstream, namely turnouts designed to be built to prototypical designs and in my opinion he is making a very good jobs in doing so He has made some to 00 gauge, however these have been further refined as well to 00sf gauge which gives those requiring something which both looks and operates an additional choice, simply its moving the hobby on There is also a growing market for modellers wanting to take the extra step of widening the gauge to EM, just because you may not want to go down this route, others clearly do. If there is no market then the range will not take off, on the other hand it may be the thing that tips the balance for others Lets face it Wayne is trying to please quite a broad group with these kits, from standard 00 to EM gauge. Please let us all get on with each other, as all developments benefit everyone.
  18. As you say the track centres and more importantly the loading gauge remains the same irrespective of gauge. the length of turnouts does increase slightly as the gauge widens, approximately a P4 B6 is 23mm longer than an 00 gauge B6. Providing the track centres are the same there should be few issues Where there can be an issue is where RTR turnouts are used and unless you splice them together usually the RTR track centres are larger.
  19. Chris Look me up and say hello Perhaps starting from or via Milton Keynes ?
  20. I looked on the site and it said in the spring, but mentions a £3 payment, has anyone any knowledge if the free parking of the past is now £3 or even gone up to £8. The website is a bit confusing
  21. A Terrier is also quite common and inexpensive, then there is the J72 Whilst the OP stated that they wanted to do a YouTube video(s) of the build, for some may prefer a video(s) on how to either refurbish a ready built loco or a complete rebuild
  22. Frank I don't think many if anyone thinks EM gauge will be anything but a minority interest, but these are the groups where the smaller traders excel, whether its track, eras, locos or companies Remember a very small increase in total modellers being tempted to migrate or just try EM gauge modelling will mean a large/very large increase of modellers in this group We have seen a massive rise in the numbers of specialist RTR loco manufacturers supply niche locos, as said it just needs one to offer an EM gauge loco to start interest, with modern cad software this may not be far off, as the development costs have been more or less paid out on an existing 00 gauge model
  23. Derek Thankfully many others including the trade think different, with trackwork EM modellers have never been better off, with Wayne's turnouts, the EMGE own products and C&L's new 2 and 3 bolt flexitrack the future has never been brighter.
  24. The 0-4-0T's are quite collectable thus expensive, even built examples fetch a premium. You are more likely to find an 0-6-0T at a better price if you want a cheap model
  25. Phil Quite a lot of rolling stock is just a change of wheelsets, for some locos I believe the EMGS does drop in wheelsets. Most folk are time poor, certainly these kits are excellent ,easy and quick to build. The stumbling block in my mind are loco wheelsets, a quick and cheap conversion is to buy a simple kit built 00 gauge loco with Romford/Markit wheels, all you need are some Markit EM gauge axles and a packet of brass axle washers, a conversion costing under £10. I have done this with several K's & Wills kit built locos. I now prefer to fit etched brass chassis, but this takes a bit more skill and costs a little more
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