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  1. Been playing about designing windows for the buildings on the new layout (gon'na have to think of a name) They look ok when there in the computer,but there a lot lighter when printed out,you can't see the window blinds that well,but then again betime i get the rest of the detail on and weather the building you probably won't notice anyway, not sure the jurys still out!! May do another building to see if it makes them look any better,suppose if they all look the same,it might not be so bad. Tried printing on acetate wasn't happy with the results,because i made the window bars so thin you couldn't see them,plus light colour looked crap,at least this way you can see the window bars,will play about a bit more.
  2. Well ,guess what? it was raining again this morning, we've been alright this time in west Cumbria,non of our caves got flooded. But there was a bit of a shock development this afternoon,people were standing on the cave steps in wonderment,the sun came out for the first time!!!!! Got the road in friday,same way as the cobbled areas, but with full sheets of Wills plasticard,painted it first thing this morning (5.30),then weathered and started with the grass,think it my need some yellow grass just to break up the green. Had a bit of a play, after tea, checking my magnets worked ok,can you see them,answers on a postcard to................? Was going to start printing my windows tonight, but the printers playing up,think it's going back,this is the second one in 6 month. Ray From a wet west Cumbria
  3. John yeh! got most of my rolling stock,on the look out for a couple of loco's still, need a CNJ,Conrail switcher with sound,no rush though. It stop raining this afternoon,so not much done,except wills plasticard and filler,will paint it in the morning,grass it in the afternoon. Ray
  4. Managed to add paving to loading dock (superquick platform paving),will hide manhole covers with crates,started adding grass in and around the cobbled area. It's still raining here,will make a start on the road that crosses the tracks at the other end of the layout, may get it done to day!! It's starting to look like a rundown railroad now,need some old oil drums,broken crates and paper laying around,once the road is finished, will return to the buildings. Ray
  5. It's never stopped raining since i got back from hols,so started on my cobbled areas. first thing i did was cut up some wills cobbled plasticard in to random shapes,then glue them to the baseboard tops,(making sure they all faced the same direction),then mixed some filler,pva and grey emulison paint and leveled all over up to the thickness of the wills plasticard. Then when fully set carved cobbles to match the wills, then make it look as though the asphalt had started to ware away. After a quick hoover,a coat of grey,then a black wash on the cobbles Added the brick paper to the edge loading dock,then a a couple of washes of black.dark grey,and light grey. Next up when it's all dry(maybe tonight) add some grass,weeds etc,then add the paving to the top of the loading dock. If this rain keeps up i'll have it finished in no time,not much good for work though!!! Ray
  6. Barry love those rs3's,love anything Alco,when i modeled N gauge i had large fleet of Atlas rs3's in BN,think they had kato chassis. Ray
  7. Cheers Ian Gave all the track a good clean,and another hoover,tested all track with the S1,everything worked ok!,all exept one peco pl13,wouldn't switch the frog power,there a bit naff really,looks like i'm going to have to invest in some frog juicers, no rush though,want to get the buildings finished first. took another photo of the S1 switching one of my industries,don't have any names for them yet nor the layout,plenty of time for that. Thats all till after my hols,may see/meet some of you at TVNAM on Saturday Ray
  8. Ian Thats what i used to fix the grass,use it all the time,i use Supersave unperfumed extrahold,and i even buy it myself!! Had a hoover up before i went to work this morning,and took this photo,as you can see there's not much grass on the main running lines Need those buildings detailed,hope Dave from unit models brings plenty o fstuff with him Saturday!! Ray
  9. Prof klyzir There's only going to be a couple of spurs/sidings overgrown (photo above),the rest of the tracks have just had a dusting of fine turf,with the odd clumb her and there,everything below track height. All the longer strands are in between the spurs well away from the tracks. Switchers will be using another box car as a handle to pickup/drop off in the overgrown sidings The photo's above where taken when everything was still wet, track needs cleaned and grass needs triming, before testing.which will be done tonight Ray
  10. Basket liner well and truly dry,(can't wait any longer) pulled the top layer of and added different types of woodland scenic's scatter,quite happy with the effect,but maybe a little to green? next, set up a photo shoot,with one of my long island s1's and a couple of cars,don't think it looks to bad,building need a lot more detail. will start on the half cobbled areas when i get back from my holidays. Ray
  11. Added a couple of more washes to the ballast and dry brushed the track and sleepers. next job was to glue some basket liner in and around the tracks, (something else new for me) I'm trying to get that overgrown,rundown feeling,typical of branches in there last days Will leave this till after TVNAM,which by then it should be dry, then pull the top off and hope it leaves enough fibres to look like long grass, and then finish of with different colour scatter material. Ray
  12. Ballast nice and dry this morning (5.30),first colour wash applyed,concrete pad next to sidings filled,now waiting for everything to dry ,again this will give me sometime to think where to start and finish half cobble areas!! Ray
  13. Thanks everyone for all for the kind remarks,i'm happy so far with the brick paper/card buildings,hope the detailing and windows work as well! Tips don't come cheap Dave, i like payment in beer,but i've been know to give the odd free-be!!! As for TVNAM 2013,that depends on the date,if it clashes with Wigan, i won't be available managed another building,just 3 more to start Ray
  14. Ballasted the track over the last couple of days thanks to the rain!!! while waiting for it to dry did a bit more on some of the buildings,he's some photo's while there off the layout. Just need the smaller details added,weathered and windows installed. Ray
  15. Ian This is my busiest time of the year from now until October,most of my modelings done in winter,will just be a punter this year at Barrow, might stop the night for a few beers, will have to see swmbo!! Cheers Jon It had to go, it took up to much space,it went to a good home,still have a few items put away in a box,just in case i get the urge to do narrow gauge again,really enjoyed build Twin falls especial the rock face,that was my first time doing layout with just scenery, all my layouts are usually urbun, only wish i'd took more photo's or a video,sold it before i had chance,a lesson learnt. Ray
  16. Managed to get some brick paper glue on some of the buildings, i find tubs of ready mixed wallpaper adhesive works well, made a couple of mockup doors from card to see if they fit? Next up finnish applying brick paper, think about cobbled area and ballasting track. Ray
  17. Thought i'd give you a up-date Only managed a few days in the last 3 months,got started on the card buildings,i usually work in plastic,but thought i'd have a go with card for this layout. first i built some mock ups to see if everything would fit. then using some 6mm square timber and 2mm mdf i made the carcasses,which then i fit 2mm card fronts, with all windows and door openings cut out,all the facades and corner stones are made form 1mm or 2mm card and painted the appropriate colours of for the next couple of days may start to get some brick paper fitted??? Ray
  18. Jack Prof's idea's worth thinking about. As for alterntive bodys the SW7 will probably fit, don't think the SW1001/1500 will, they have clips that slid into hole in the chassis The S12/SW7 bodys fit over small lugs on the side of the fuel tanks Ray
  19. Go for it,whats the worst that can happen!!! you can still look for another body will keep my eye's open for you Ray
  20. Jack Can it not be built up out of plasti-card and make it look like a in house repair after a knock or crash?? Ray
  21. Have you tried the sea-shore,i no .i no coat on will keep my eye's open at Manchester,you never no Ray
  22. Jack Yep,Athearn Baldwin S12 same as my #9 but with the side handrails Ray
  23. Here's a couple for you ADB968028(27024) on Eastfeild shed 20154 standing outside Grangemouth shed Ray
  24. Jack That was a well keep secret about you going to TVNAM!! hope your passports in date traveling that far south of the border! yo've got a safe passage through Cumbria,it has been decreed! hope you can make it Ray
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