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  1. 19 hours ago, Hroth said:


    Not just used, but abused...


    50p in the bargain bin would be pushing it!


    Its probably another new trainee.  Perhaps they get a small bonus and the offer of a more "permanent" job if they reach certain targets?


    If you go to the Model Shop Guide thread you'll find that Rails were advertising for staff a couple of months back...


    Look for the comment that I made at the time...

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  2. Just bought the new 800 201 - lights extreamly bright but no noticable light bleed in normal lighting, very obvious when room is dark. The 'drivers' door seems to be painted clear plastic.

  3. I had a similar problem with Bachmann DMUs (running solo). It seemed as though there were phases of "free- wheeling" down the slope and then the motor slowing the unit down (as if in a lower gear). I solved the problem by inserting foam above the non-powered axles - as the 20s are powered on all axles I appreciate that this is not possible.


    (Running DC using both Morley and Gaugemaster controllers.)

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  4. 4 hours ago, Hroth said:

    Wasn't that the one that kicked off the entire debate in the first place?  :scratchhead::jester:

    It could have...


    I'm so gobsmacked at prices like these from a supposedly reputable shop that I've lost the plot!!!


    It must be another work experience intern!!

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