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  1. I’m even more confused now! Is this an up or down train? I thought it was the 1715 Hull-KX which I have as predominantly Mk1. There is a similarly timed down train where the catering comes off at Donny. Is that what we’re looking at? Andy
  2. It looks like interesting stock on the Hull Gilbert. My CWN shows it as mainly Mark 1 but it’s one of those secondary expresses which I imagine would have featured older substitutes. Do you have a photograph to base this on?
  3. We crossed again! The Accurascale one will be interesting. I might be tempted to replace my 00 Bachmann version as I’ve never been happy with the sound project on that. I have one of their 00 Deltics on order. If only they’d do some 0 gauge locos! Andy
  4. Yes, I did listen to Rob’s videos which is what started me thinking about the logomanbiffo project. One problem is that I’m listening to all these videos on my iPad which doesn’t really do them justice. The large speakers I can fit in o gauge are definitely better than anything which can be reproduced by an iPad. Short of linking my PC and hifi I don’t know what the solution to that is. Andy
  5. Thanks for your comments Andy. I rather enjoy fitting the sound myself…provided the instructions are OK! This was my first attempt at an o gauge diesel - the next will be easier and I’ll go back to Youchoos as their customer service is fantastic and I prefer Zimo chips. I only swapped because I wanted to try the Legomanbiffo WD sound project. Also, I’m too mean to pay someone else to do it! I’d seen something similar to your speaker test from Road and Rails and that’s where I bought my large bass speakers from. They arrived today so will hopefully be fitted tomorrow. There’s no doubt in my mind that sound dramatically increases the ‘play value’ . I’m sure you’ll be fitting more locos before long. Andy
  6. Right, the sound chip is now fitted. I’m pleased with the sound project but disappointed with the speakers and the lack of clear instructions on fitting. It’s more difficult in O gauge with the loco circuit board being replaced with the chip and the instructions provided by legomanbiffo are minimal. I still can’t get the fan to work so that will be yet another phone call! He also supplied a fairly ordinary speaker (equivalent to Youchoos YLR 603010) which for the money, I thought was disappointing. I have added a second Rail exclusive dumbo speaker under the fan. Here is a short video of a test run on the embryonic club layout (less cold than my garden railway!). I’d be interested in comments on the sound. The loco will be painted blue as 37051 (my favourite) in due course. I intend to fit a pair of Youchoos YLR453520 speakers in the fuel tanks to see if that improves the bass. I’ll report back on that. Regards Andy
  7. I love the Thompson kitchen car and Gresley FO - Such elegant vehicles .
  8. I don’t remember this and I do like a baby Deltic and the steel set. Are there any more of this?
  9. I rather like building coaches and Gresley articulated stock is a particular favourite. My main current project is an O gauge quad from an Ian Kirk kit. It’s still wip with interior and underframe to finish off. The problem with quad arts is you need two of them to form a proper train! The other half has only got as far as putting the sides together and painting them.
  10. Well if you do insist on building the chairs individually what do you expect!
  11. Nice work Rob. You have a bit of a problem with Fort William in the background of the Ardlui shots. Have you considered a temporary backscene to plug in front of Fort William when you’re photographing Ardlui?
  12. OK, so it’s these? https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/lner-later-lettering-numbering-for-black-locos-61486 If so that is very confusing and I can’t be the only one to make that mistake! Regards Andy
  13. I recognise that HMRS are better value but I don’t really get in with pressfix/ methfix. I much prefer being able to juggle things around with waterslide decals. Thanks for the comments on the lettering. I’m going to stick with gold for this one but will order some different transfers fir next time. Are these the correct ones to use? https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/lner-earlier-lettering-numbering-for-black-locos-61249 Andy
  14. They were indeed very good value for a while. I bought three green ones at £69 each (I think) for my OO layout which is GN based set in the late fifties. At that time they worked out of Hornsey on KX suburban trains.
  15. Will do. My o gauge is on the garden so it will probably be on the rolling road unless the weather is exceptionally good! I like your MacRats. I have a 27 on order for when they’re released next year. I’d love a 26 as well but I don’t think I can justify one at Gelnfinnan! What’s your excuse?! Andy
  16. Jonathan, I’d have said the H2 in that picture looks similar to my transfers while the D11 behind looks more yellow. Fox sell a later LNER black sheet https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/lner-later-lettering-numbering-for-black-locos-61486 which is yellow. So I thought mine were correct for 1920s with the yellow for after the economy drive of 1928…when my J69 would have been unlined anyway. I may well be wrong and if you’re sure I’ll have to change my numbering. But that might wait for the next loco as I don’t fancy ripping all the numbering off! Thanks for the comments. Andy
  17. Yes, a sort of goldy yellow colour. They are from Fox sheet 7302/3 https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/transfers/lner-loco-earlier-lettering-numbering-61562 which is described as early LNER loco lettering-numbering. They are more gold than the later yellow numbers. Have I got it wrong (for c.1925) ? Andy
  18. Progress on the J69 over the last few days with it now nearing completion. I found it hard to work out what the lining should look like as Yeadon says they were lined red until 1928 but all the photos are B&W where the red doesn’t show up! So I thought I’d show some pictures on here before I seal the transfers in with matt lacquer to see if anyone spots any glaring errors. Please excuse the Halloween background! I also used this as a guinea pig for my new bow pen. So I lined the left side with transfers and the right side with the bow pen. I clearly need more practice but I’m quite pleased for a first attempt and it’s certainly quicker than the transfers. Any comments welcome. Andy
  19. Great video Andy, it’s good to hear what the legomanbiffo chip sounds like. I received my XL (O gauge ) 37 chip from him on Saturday and I’m now looking forward to fitting it even more than before! Andy
  20. Two happy! My question about spare 2s on the Gauge O Guild website yielded results from the great man himself, Ian Kirk! He had plenty left over from his commission building days and sent me enough for the four sides.
  21. I didn’t know I was missing one! But if I am then yes please. I only seemed to have one vac pipe. Is that correct?
  22. Not really migrated, just a foot in both camps!
  23. Thanks Tony, but this is 7mm and I imagine yours is 4mm?
  24. Away from the quads, I’ve been making progress on the J69. I’ve now added all the detail although some of it broke in my clumsy hands and needed glueing back together. I went for brass for the handrails rather than the 3D printed ones. Here she is ready for final priming. The white is where I had to fill the deeper diagonal lines. And here she is ready for the top coat.
  25. Good idea John, I thought Railtec were mainly modern image but might be worth trying. I’ll see if I have any joy on the O gauge guild forum first. Andy
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