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  1. Memnon is in this thread. Hope you can read the dimensions!: https://yourmodelrailway.net/view_topic.php?id=15175&forum_id=34 Jason
  2. Lucky? Lucky?? If it's only a week away .... You don't want to listen to me. I've only been twice, 1974 and on a bargain holiday just after 9/11. It cost me more to upgrade the car (Granada equivalent) than the whole holiday. Get searching. I've had 1-year olds and their only use is to get you instantly to the front of theme-park queues. Hang-on, go to a supermarket and get him/her a great toy while you shop. Don't take a huge range of clothes for yourselves or you'll have to buy a larger suitcase. If you have leftover coupons (AKA dollar bills) go to the shopping malls, but park as near the entrance(s) as you can. I learnt that the hard way, it was 96/96 (temp/humidity). Another advantage of having a 1-year old: when you get back in a long-time parked car open the doors while the buckling up happens so you'll still be able to breathe when you close them.. Do ask the nice Irishman where the museums are, read the rail contents to make selecting them easier: a rail museum in Florida may have a caboose and a Whitcomb diesel (from the defunct quarry along the trail, and a load of blokes' trouserbelt buckles or badges. Some of the theme parks that have general interest things might have a 3ft railroad as well as shops for the missus. The Irishman? Sorry ... G O'Ogle. There was a small freight yard just east of town, I'll have another look and there was a model shop nearer the center centre. In the old town centre there were some passenger cars belonging to a local club(?). Mexican food? You gotta try it/have more? Chicken Mole (mo-lay), hang on got to wipe my keyboard. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! Jason
  3. Popped over to Trowbridge (Wilts) this afternoon where two of us were running American stuff on the West Wilts O Gauge Group (WWOGG) track: Atlas C628 on a track repair train and a Gem RDG Camelback 0-6-0 on a frt with appropriate caboose. One of the Central Loco Works knuckle couplers on one of my LaBelle coaches I retro'ed many years ago to a D&H MoW car is all gunged up, needs a clean. Apart from that ... er, I've got chicken pie and veg for dinner and ... OK, OK, the rotary switch on the fiddle yard's not working, so I'll have to go along on a night nobody's there and try to fix it. At least no-one will know who made it worse. Schtum all. I'll take some LaBelle kits to Winchester in October. Next WWOGG meet Tues night, 17.00 hrs onwards Jason
  4. OK, I've tied the rope to the bottom of my staircase so if anything mysterious happens again I might be able to pull myself back to ... er, reality?! In the good old days the computer system would have a system manual and chapter 2 would tell you what you could do. Chapters 3 to ... whatever, would tell you what to try if anything, yes anything went wrong / didn't work anymore / etc. These days all of this useful stuff might be on the machine and can't be access... no don't go there Jason.
  5. Thanks mdvle, I wish Atlas would tell us what they're doing. Doing only 3-rail versions of the caboose and box car...? The caboose is a standard RDG-initiated mid-1920s design (never been done in real life in that paint scheme), but unlike the Cookie Box (40ft) popular paint job, kept into post-customer service, maybe these two cars are leftover MTH stock waiting for their Atlas boxes. Or are we just back into 3-railers loud-voice-land. But hang-on the FGE reefer is offered as 2-rail only. The pic is a 3-rail version! Old inventory push? Spin-off from a recent big order? Lovely car ... bit early for me, sorry Atlas, I believe the P42 is an MTH design DCS PS3 (interoperable with DCC) usually/often(?) offered with 3-rail and 2-rail sets of wheels, but original MTH models from years gone by had the pilot/steps assembly attached to the trucks for sharp curves, hence the daylight between the pilots and floor. Atlas changed their 2- and 3- rail diesel designs here to satisfy us 2-railers ... well, me anyway. OK, I'll stop whingeing ... except can anyone tell me if the truck wheelbase is correct? Some of MTH B-B offerings were about 102" - nope, not 96" switcher w/b or true 108" - 1/8" too short. Jason
  6. Aaaaaaah, 2-rail North American O-scale ... thanks Jack.
  7. Hi Marty, before I forget, for us modellers working in Imperial Units there's only one comparison to remember with the French system metric: 4 inches = 100mm. So, a foot is 300mm, a yard is 900mm, an inch is 25mm. But ... it was developed by the French so, apparently, you have to shrug your shoulders when you do it and mutter 'et un petit peu'. Getting away from the coast, a local club wanted to emphasise the small relative size of the stock on an On30 layout they were building, so I donated an InterMountain O-scale box car for an interchange platform. The interchange became a shed with maybe half the standard gauge boxcar cut on the diagonal poking out... Jason
  8. Something to read. It says 60mm early on, but not specifically about Erie 2-8-2s.... https://the-contact-patch.com/book/rail/r1610-the-wheelset Jason
  9. Kathy, I've followed the D&H, but occasiona regularly aspects of Nth Am modelling hit you between the eyes. Here's a shot on the South Brooklyn Railway. OK, limited traffic these days, but the atmosphere still gets me coughing.
  10. Keith's advice above is good, Kathy. I'm an old O-scaler and went to the NMRABR meet in Stokenchurch, nr High Wycombe last Sunday. I haven't been a member for many years, but was welcomed by the organisers to the extent that I may rejoin. Anyway, rather like the bicycle salesman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I gatecrashed some O-scale threads on forums I watch, mentioned the meet and was really pleased with how many customers that pulled in for me. With your reputation, you will have less to fret about than me so do a couple of small to medium shows and take contact details. A list of what's left can make a good email. Ooh, I almost blew it and said "threaten them with a price cut" as one of the advantages of signing up. Sophie at Anoraks Anonymous had come all that way from Doncaster! Jason
  11. Try asking the your question on an American forum too - ogaugerr.com springs to mind. I don't have a warm feeling about acquiring an MTH loco that has Proto-Sound 2.0 with the Digital Command System (their DCS sytem - NOT the same as DCC). MTH only announced Proto-Sound 3 with DCS being compatible with DCC, or was it interoperable...? Or .... So Protosound 2 ... I've assumed NO. Protosound 3 YES. Straightforward enough(!) to convert the PS2 loco with a DCC sound-chip I expect, so the loco looks nice, get the price down. Is pS2 why he's selling it? Worth asking. Like all electronics questions I'm happy to be proved wrong. Jason
  12. Hi Keith, if you come out on top any time with spare cash, there are O-scale Meets just over the border from you. On sunny days I have been known to drive up from Wiltshire with spare stuff that can be swapped for some of it for an O-scale Diorama.... Jason
  13. I think the organisers are offering NMRABR non-members a £5 ticket if they join on the day. Life is harder for me: I'm buying a couple of tables for my O-scale sales and the BR is HO (and a bit of N) isn't it? Anyway Bevis's enhanced O-scale layout will be there and having O-scale on show often drives other scalers to see the light.... Jason
  14. But exactly what, Jack? The organisers have done well to find any venue just now (third time lucky) and the number of layouts and traders seems adequate for a Winter Meet. Jason
  15. If you look at the 'American O-Scale in the UK' Fb group you'll see I've got a seasonal header image. It's a stretched Rivarossi/AHM gondola, lettered years ago with decals and Letraset (aaaah ... the good ole' days of steady hands!) So, somewhere in the garage should be the other two trimmed ends - any use to anyone? In my defence, back then AHM cars would typically be a fiver. I'll try and remember to take them to NMRABR Winter Meet Stokenchurch Sun Jan30 if it's still on. Otherwise just postage'll do it, but please don't expect 'next day delivery'. Jason
  16. Sagging chassis? Oh, on a Red Caboose GP9 kit: http://www.desplaineshobbies.com/store/product/46737/O-GP9-Brass-Frame/ P&D may have some if DP are out. Des Plaines site still has GP9 kits listed, but the rumours abound. Arry Dodd up in Scotland had some Aluminium versions cut recently. DP also list a brass frame for the Lionel GP30 body. Jason
  17. Nice, but ... but ... tell you what, dig into the barrel again and get 2 more 4-wheeler bodies. Cut one entire end (roof, wall, etc) squarely off both and the cupola off one, then glue 'em together! But what about this spare baggage car and caboose bodies I've found? Oooh... Hmmm, O-scale projects are such fun, lets start more and more of them!! Jason
  18. There was a 2-parter(?) in RMC many years ago about NE cabooses - great choice by Weaver. Their D&H version should've had the staircase-type steps instead of those shown, but we're a forgiving people, so it's patiently waiting for a nothing-on-the-tele night Jason
  19. Nice pic Jack. What we can do if we don't have enough matching parts for a project ... mix the steps this time. Oh, and the necessary height difference for head clearance above the steps. Jason
  20. In the days of unbelievably discounted American (F9+3 frt cars+cabooses from Beatties - clearance(!!) offer £9.99) I started carving an Atlas/Roco box into an FEC caboose: http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/rsPicture.aspx?id=536153 Next was going to be a chopped-down Atlas wide-vis caboose to look like an IHB shortie (luv'em). Then I became an importer ... I can finish them now Keep 'em coming.... Jason
  21. Hi Jordan No Atlas trucks in at the moment. I say 'at the moment' 'cos the Americans do this differently. You may remember I gave up being an O-scale 2-rail trader many years ago, but when I called IntMtn for some of their wheelsets on Thursday, Glenn said "They're out of stock just at the moment, but hold on, I'll check your details ... yep here you are, I'll email you when they're in". No reason to believe Atlas won't do the same, I'll try them on Monday. Anybody else ready to be an O-scale dealer? Lists: what I want is the ability to have just one spreadsheet of what's left, with a column for pics (what I previously called photos). Problem one - my audience (AKA you) is all over the place, on here, on email - their own or ukoscale@groups.io, Fb American O-Scale in the UK, etc. Doing the list is tedious enough and then buying a SumUp number pad for CCs at shows that also allows phone orders when I'm at home and then finding out what they think is a good idea for how you enter your data. I'll stop now. But I'm still working on the list. Jason
  22. Nice mods, the top-down view is what we often get first and solid roof-walks with molded (thick!) hand-grabs, etc helped Weaver keep the price down, but.... My excuse for not doing mine yet is that I'm going to cut the middle two bays out for a cement hopper. Jason
  23. Anybody know how Prime Cereals is progressing (thanks for the 'wake up' sir douglas)? Jason
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