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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. Layout coming along treat Andy
  2. 66789 arrives into Banks road main station for short stop over drive change..
  3. Looking good Mick cant wait for more from this now..
  4. Just had good catch up here great work and lots of top pictures…
  5. Few more trackbed colours tonight using vallego colour acrylics…
  6. Thanks for posting up here D775 this is very sad news to here,les wil be very missed in railway theme.. he was real gent and looked after everyone who he met through railway community.. and his model shop in haslington..
  7. Sounds like Bachmann are going all out to fixs this problem,wil hopefuly get mine changed too
  8. Great videos here cant wait for new update now.. cheers neil
  9. Looking forward to your new build layout now
  10. Sounds good Chris,im between my x3 layouts and got my model railway society open again after lockdowns
  11. Nice updates again Leon,not sure if follow you on fb but great modelling as always
  12. Sounds rather good Chris,wil you be making progress thread
  13. Are thanks andy,after lots photo research ive re done depot trackbeds which colours make such differance on the eye
  14. Started adding more pipe works and fencing too on the main depot hard standing today…
  15. Looking realy good this Matt im now following
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