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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. Looking forward to it. It does take time, I spent the winter building a warehouse and this month putting right a wiring job that I did in a rush and totally hashed up. In my defense, it was a bit complicated but I did have to dismantle most of the layout. However I'm glad to report that it now works and that I can get back to the more creative side to the hobby. Grass etc. There's just not enough time. What's needed is a couple of clones but if I actually think about it, things would take much longer if there were three idiots procrastinating, arguing and getting in each others way all the time. Regards Shaun
  2. Having spent every evening this week on the floor in the garage correcting wiring mistakes and finishing the hook-ups to the castle junction I'm happy to report that I somewhat successfully drove a train from Goathland to Bradford via Queensbury and back for the first time last night. There's still a few minor loose wires and misplaced isolator fishplates to attend to but things should come along in leaps and bounds for quite a while, that's if I can muster the energy and avoid over doing things. It's also the first time that both of my layouts have been operational for as long as I can remember. I'd call that progress even if I've not got any images to prove it. Squatch
  3. Layout's coming along well Jeff, I always look forward to checking out your thread. You do seem to have the knack of capturing the essence of the Settle & Carlisle. Away I'm glad I still seem to be able to put a smile on someone's face! Hope that you are well Regards Shaun
  4. We have a wood burning stove in which we burn fir, madrone and oak. All dead wood which will either become dangerous and fall to the ground where nature takes over and slowly releases all the carbon back into the atmosphere or a fire comes along and burns everything all at once, or... we can cut it up and have a nice cozy warm house for free! Basically, when something grows and dies the carbon will always be part of the carbon cycle. Incidentally there is a fir plight. We have three dead ones, one of which would take two long winters to burn in our modest wood stove. Maybe it's a good thing that I can't fell it (it is a little on the big side at roughly 160') because I'd feel guilty running the chainsaw for so long!! Interesting subject. Regards Shaun
  5. I thought it was the video editor.... cos he ain't editing the videos!
  6. Had a day out on the West Somerset Railway today. Southern Q1 class was in charge of our train. A nice comfy seat in 1st class too. We snapped a few photogenic scenes on the ride. I spotted an unusual item of rolling stock, a D tank. Dunster station was very tranquil. Did you know that the goods shed is supposedly haunted. They had a old RAF tanker parked up there. I do like wartime lorries. After visiting the signalman at Minehead... ...we went down the pub for a pint. Hope you're all well. Squatch. (Knackered after the journey home).
  7. There's nowt wrong with that Bodgemiester. Just what they had in mind with the craftsman kits, in that you don't have to make what's shown on the box! By the time it's painted and weathered it you'll have a model to be proud of! Regards Shaun
  8. Hi Manna. Nice to have you back mate. Believe me I've sat around for too long already. We're probably dehydrated more than anything! I'm excited about the N1 but have put it away until the mojo has fully returned, I don't want to bu99er it up, it's a rare thing!! Regards Shaun
  9. I thought it might be worth sharing how I did the coupling pockets on the old Mainline/Replica/Bachmann coach bogies. Pull the bogies off and remove the wheels. (Harder than it sounds) Snap out the coupling hook and spring. Begin by taking a razor saw and cutting straight across on a line with the front edge of the old coupling hook housing. Cut the loop off and save the rectangle of plastic for later. Then saw off the hook housing. Using .060x.156" and .015x.060 styrene strip, make 4 pieces each 6mm long and glue the 4 little thin bits to the bigger ones. Cut a tiny corner from each one. Using the razor saw I scraped the bogies to provide a key for the super glue. Now stuck the four white parts in place thus. Add the two black scraps saved gluing those across the top of the white bits. When dry, using a 1.5mm bit in a pin vice drill out the back of the new pockets and clean up with a scalpel from the back. A touch of black paint and you're done. Any coupling type should now just be a nice push fit and you now also have the opportunity to swap them over or remove them for aesthetics. Squatch.
  10. A bit of a tune up should do the trick. V8s are expensive when it comes to tune ups! They have finished logging for now and pulled all the heavy equipment out. The resultant clear cut is visible from over 40 miles away! It's a piece of woodland one could have got lost in back in January. Hope you are well mate Regards Shaun.
  11. Brass loco kit. Sound like a whole new ball game! Guaranteed to be heaps of fun and challenging both at the same time. Thanks chaps. Poor Mrs. S. ended up in the ER room yesterday with some knock on symptoms. She did however return to work. I'm still not 100%, Probably from being stuck on the sofa for a week. Head's all numb a fuzzy and I keep getting dizzy if I try doing stuff! The only modeling I've done is to make coupling pockets on a few older coaches so that I can get those Roco "non jiggle " couplers onto a couple of MK1 rakes. Thanks for the inspiration Andy. As far as walking the mutts is concerned I could write to the logging company as a friendly neighbor and ask for written permission to walk on their land. No harm in asking! Regards Shaun.
  12. Sasquatch

    Oxford N7

    Some images might help explain things a little better. Looks much less obtrusive. Shaun
  13. Sasquatch

    Oxford N7

    Without the time to look back through 47 image-less pages I thought a little note on how I just dealt with the scale 2foot gap between the N7 and it's stock. The overhang was so bad, that bogie coaches were de-railing on crossovers. I prized the couplings out with a small screwdriver and pulled the coupling from the pockets. Then cut the pocket down by about 4mm. From the spares dept at Sasquatch Towers I obtained two Bachmann wagon coupling hooks and two I think short straight couplings (less pockets). I removed about 1.5mm off the rear from the shoulders. Then using a 1mm drill in the pin vice drilled a hole centrally behind the new shoulders and removed the rest of the tail center extending the fork to the max. After trimming the fork tails to fit in the half sized pocket I super-glued the two bits together and added the wagon coupling hook. Oh what a difference!!! Hope this helps someone. Regards Shaun.
  14. Hi Andy. Very much enjoyed your last video and thanks for sharing the Roco coupling idea. It didn't dawn on me to try them on the new Hornby MK1s, I've just swapped all mine out. As a result, I had to tidy up the attic, get Dunster back the way it was and have set it up for BR running. Also found a Ratio cattle dock I built years ago and never used due to a house move but I might find room for that on Grim-up-North! Thanks for all the inspiration, regards Shaun.
  15. Apparently, we have both been taken down with suspected botulism. Should get the results today. I dunno, another week of modeling lost! Squatch. (Back on my feet already BTW).
  16. Many moons ago I purchased some Wills brick sheets from a shop in Newhaven. These had been displayed in the shop window for what must have been quite some time. Same problem! as they shattered when working with them. Lesson learned! For what it might be worth I'm now cautious to prime all plastic models. Shaun
  17. Botulism? Where the hell, did we get botulism from.

    1. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      Depends very much on where and what you have been eating - hope that it isn't affecting you badly.  Don't forget that it is a notifiable disease in the UK

    2. Sasquatch


      Mrs. S. thinks it might have been some home canned plums. She definitely has it worse. I felt fine yesterday, better than Tuesday's 100.9 fever. If it is Botulism we might make it onto the world incident map. Lets just hope that's not my "10 minutes of fame".🙄   

  18. Or maybe it's not for the pub. Perhaps it's because the pubs customers can't get a pint due to the fact that the steps are still missing
  19. Hi Andy I'm quite pleased that I managed to find your new layout build before the grass has gone down! Looking grand mate. Lights, signals, Hymeks and pubs. Right up my alley! Have you considered a Bachmann class 3 tank, the green one is a gem! Regards Shaun.,
  20. Got the same problem with organizing time! We had to tidy up the garage today so that the cabinets could be put in there ready to fit under Goathland, so that, I have more space in the barn to build woodsheds and a chicken coop. There's so much wood piled up I feel inundated by it. Next job will be to figure out the wiring at the castle junc. Then Goathland can be reassembled and the cabinets installed. At least there's a goal. When all the woodwork projects are finished, I can build the last 30' stretch of that big mill town for Grim-up-North. Regards Shaun
  21. Hi Felix. The loco kit has been all consuming this week and was just the right thing for all those rainy days. You know we keep talking about moving to the coast. It's starting to feel urgent as the only neighbors we're friendly with are packing up and selling. There's also been some logging recently and the logging company have put up no trespassing notices all over the mountain so I can't even take the dogs up there for a decent hike any longer. Anyway, enjoy the beach mate. Shaun
  22. Darious. Have you thought about Chivers Finelines, they do a 4 wheel utility van (very nice kit) and an ex-LMS 6 wheel fish van that passed into parcels traffic. https://.five79.co.uk They don't come with wheels though. Regards Shaun.
  23. Great! If ever I build another layout it would have to be that transition period between the end of steam and the corporate BR. Rakes of blue grey MK1s with the odd MK2 in lined maroon behind a class 5 passing a derelict signal box! Regards Shaun.
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