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  1. Hi. Just got my earlier version of the conflat - not sure about the markings - should the 13 before the B number be actually 13T and in smaller script? Rgds Andrew
  2. Have you considered the Darstead/Ellis Clarke BG? Make sure you get the right coupling - comes with Kadees Rgds Andrew
  3. Hello Shane My name is Andrew Jones and I am a member of the Luton Model Railway Club. I thought you might be interested in the attached photo, which shows the Church (which features on Page 1 of this thread) in its new location, on one of our club members layouts that is in the course of completion. The church has stood up well to the passing of time, and makes a great feature. Hopefully more people will be able to see this when the layout is exhibited (whenever that will be!) Rgds Andrew
  4. Just back from the Bournemouth show (through the gales and torrential rain) This show and Alton last week were both busy shows. Attached are some photographs from Bournemouth. Layout has a rest now for a period as, currently, the next shows are later in the year. Thanks to Ray Heard Model Railways who had this little beauty on sale (but not for long!) DJH J72 This will take its turn with the J71 at Great Barford Rgds Andrew
  5. Thanks sb67. No there is no separate thread for Docklands, but I will post pictures here. The next show for Docklands will be Tonbridge on 15th February. Rgds Andrew
  6. Hello David. Hope you are on the mend. There will opportunities in the future as we seem to be coming somewhat of a fixture at BOGG, with Harpenden East next year, Central Works the year after etc, etc. Once we get a foot in the door it is difficult to keep the LOGGIES out! Rgds Andrew
  7. The full 34 foot version was at the Bristol O Gauge Group yesterday. After WArley last year, I resolved to replace all the Fulgurex point motors with Servo's. Managed to get the change over finished on Thursday before the show. Apart from a couple of operating wires which were a little long all went well. Here's a batch of photo's taken at the show The previous couple of weeks I was out with Docklands, my BR (E) DCC layout, which started as a test track but has grown Off to Alton next weekend and then Bournemouth. Rgds Andrew
  8. First show of the year - Maidenhead on Saturday 4th. Surprisingly busy. Shown there was the 9ft version Out with Docklands for the next couple of weeks at CMRA Stevenage and Brambleton, Harpenden then the full version of Stodden at GOG Bristol and then the 19ft versions at Alton & Bournemouth, so a busy start to the year!
  9. Hello everyone. Sorry for the long absence from posting but hope to try and be a little more regular. The exhibition circuit keeps me busy and the layout has now been exhibited 82 times! The full layout will be appearing at Warley this coming weekend (Stand E19). Hope to see you there. Watched James May's program on Hornby (Big Trouble in Model Britain ep 1) and was gob-smacked to see some filming of SHLR when it was shown at the Great Electric Train show last year - some set-up shots and some nice operating shots - looked quite good! Other projects on the go include "Docklands" my DCC O gauge Poplar docks layout and experiments with battery & radio control both in O and 16mm scales. Rgds Andrew
  10. AJon30

    Dock Green

    Hello Chaz. I have enjoyed seeing Dock Green in operation, and the thread running with it has been a "must read" I hope that it does not disappear completely as it has been an inspirational layout. Best for the future Rgds Andrew
  11. Ref Dinghams - The spring and loop attachment to the coupling hook can be seen from underneath. However there is an amount of detail (operating arm and levers to end hopper doors) that would make access less than ideal. With a bit of gentle prodding the operating arm & levers can be loosened but the whole assembly seems to have been dropped in from above so it will not come out without some surgery. Fran. OK, well I have had a tie bar come adrift and the axle box dropped out. Luckily the tiny spring in the top of the axle box did not go walk-about but you may need some spares of those, as once dropped they would not be found again. I went round and applied a bit of solvent to the tie bars ends as they appear to be just a push fit? Andrew
  12. I've had my couple for hoppers for a day or so. My only comment so far is that some of the detail parts seem a little fragile - I've got one broken brake lever guide and one become detached as soon as I got it out of the box. Wonder how thwy will stand up to the rigors of exhibitions?
  13. Hi I've found it it is possible to (carefully) drill the hook end to take the chain, the visual impression of a rake of wagons is much improved as there would be a chain hanging down from one wagon in real life Rgds Andrew
  14. To hide the vertical element of a support beam (for a possible 2 level layout in my shed - one day!) I had thought about a Grain Elevator. Possibly have to stretch the imagination of where the layout is based and the foot print might be too limiting? Rgds Andrew
  15. Here's my offering. Currently just a circular test track but will enable layouts with continuous runs in all 3 gauges, which are O gauge (outer), Om (22.5mm middle) and On30/O16.5/OO (inner) Here is is with some stock (the Om coach is the largest!) O to the left and On30 to the right Rgds Andrew
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