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  1. I recently found a "Brand new in box" Hornby 2-BIL unit at an exhibition. It happened to be the one I had been looking for these past ten years or so since they were first released so I checked it over. The box was a little care-worn but the unit was perfectly wrapped inside its tissue in the inner tray as though it had never been out. I parted with the required £85, a very good price for a new item when they go for £90 - £125 in used condition on the auction sites, and inspected it more carefully at home. It appears to be a factory repair of some damage possibly caused before it ever left its maker's. One headstock has been glued back into position meaning the buffers are not sprung but stuck. One fuse box has been glued back on with large blobs and runs of adhesive. But as neither of those is visible in operation it made no difference to me. The fact that the unit had been perfectly wrapped in tissue and the headstock very carefully glued and rubbed down to avoid any rough edges suggested to me that this was a Hornby repair and the unit had found its way to the trader as a "second" or otherwise unsaleable stock. It ran perfectly on test. The unit has therefore been added to the collection and has been weathered ready for use. I have adopted the headcode 2 for locals through Waddlemarsh because one Bachmann 2-EPB is so fitted and the remaining Hornby units in the collection are easily altered. One ned on 2019 shows it correctly with blank plates beside and above; the other end shows it incorrectly on two counts. First there should be no headcode at all on the trailing end and second this end lacks the blanking plates. Such could be seen quite often on the SR especially in the later years of these units. The exigencies of modelling mean that units need to run both ways on an end-to-end and having a headcode at both ends adds to the realism. No tail-lamp is fitted however.
  2. Along with yesterday's cheese-rolling festivities that is another Great British Tradition. Add bog-snorkelling, worm-charming and one or two others and you can perhaps understand why we are regarded as a bit strange by those from over the waters.
  3. Not a guernsey? 🤭 Depends on the pattern and style. If it hails from farther north rather than off the coast of Brittany it could be a Fair Isle.
  4. Morning awl I opened the shutters and I looked out. And saw grey. Not just the average grey stuff which floats aloft. But really wet, soak-you-through fine moisture and fog. Visibility is “not as far as the road” and it’s windy with it. I hope the candidates choose today for their door-knocking and baby-kissing exploits I shall insert more coffee, curl up with His Furship and remember that we bought this property in the full knowledge that weather like this is a frequent local feature. Next door, however, are very annoyed by it. They were due to fly from Newquay to Portugal this afternoon. They are already out there unpacking the car ……….
  5. It merits a live feed. Which places it on a par with other perhaps better-known events taking place today in connection with a forthcoming national event. Huzzah!!!
  6. G'morning all, welcome to Ban Collar Day Moan-day. As tradition demands it is wet, cold and windy at the Distant (Signal) West and visitors are milling around in capes and rain-gear wondering what to do. I'm not sure if it is the "stripped-down" version of the site currently advised by the orange banner while some work is being done on Andy's club-room but the font and overall appearance is much cleaner and easier to read. Can we keep this, please? It might be a holiday but Dr. SWMBO still has to be put on the train to London later in order to start work at Kew first thing tomorrow as usual. She is off to Oxford next weekend to deliver a paper on Something Very Interesting. I am also away meaning His Furship will be away in the cattery as well. my excuse is an annual general gathering which I am required to be present at. In Blazingsmoke Basingstoke. Ah well - it's a couple of nights away and a change of scenery! In other news it is also cheese-rolling day. For those who enjoy launching themselves down a steep hillside in pursuit of their chosen quarry! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-england-gloucestershire-69065807
  7. It gets quite warm in the cabin on long-haul flights ..... 🤣
  8. And, speaking from experience, they are also perfectly comfortable for a 24-hour transit with most of that being flying time between London and Melbourne or vice-versa. A trip which I have made over 20 times (40+ one-way trips) albeit only wearing the compression socks for perhaps half of those. For no other reason than I didn't have them until some years after I started communing around the globe.
  9. A level of skill fully deserving of a Darwin Award There was a clip somewhere on You Tube of a car being "steered" by someone's feet whilst they were engaged in a socially-popular activity with another person.
  10. Long time no post! But the work goes on. Here is a trio of Dapol “Grampus” wagons which arrived on Wednesday and are already prepared for service
  11. The joys of dispatching at Clapham Junction. Since this was taken the signalling has been modified to include CD / RA lights meaning the dispatcher no longer has to tip the driver. It's all done in the dry now from a control panel under the canopy. SWR staff platform 12 on contract to Southern as the other face, 11, is the Down Main Slow towards Wimbledon and this avoids the need to have two teams of staff on the same platform. Another change since this was taken has been the removal of blue and yellow SWR and orange Southern hi-viz tops in favour of lilac "Team Clapham" ones for all staff irrespective of employer. The person in charge of the platform still wears an orange top but with the "Team Clapham" logo not a TOC one.
  12. From Pendeen Watch - of Levant
  13. Welcome to Cuckingfold. What happened to the almost-warm weather we have enjoyed these past few days? Ah. I know. It's a Ban Collar Day weekend. D'oh!!!! Here's a pretty picture I took earlier.
  14. In keeping with Andy's Rules here is All I have to say on the subject is to remind us of this most debilitating condition.
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