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  1. Rails have started their Christmas Calendar again, with Day 1 featuring DJ Models' J94 (down to £65 from £95) https://railsofsheffield.com/advent-calendar Crikey - I'd only just got over Black Friday...! Alan
  2. An interesting excerpt from a book I found online; "The GWR Bristol to Taunton Line", by Colin G. Maggs: Not that we can necessarily simulate this move without a further fiddleyard towards Parson Street (assuming it was still possible after the resignalling?), but I thought it interesting nonetheless.
  3. Well done Rob - good progress. Yeah, I was going to suggest an Inglenook session, and it looks like you can fit a shunter (or even '25?) and 3 wagons in that longer spur? The code 75 & BH points are looking a treat. The photos seem to show the slip heavily stained with oil, which I suppose could help to disguise the contrast in sleepers? It will be good to compare the running on the new track with your hand-built track on P4Y, which was always a pleasure to operate at slow speed, TBH.
  4. You're probably right, Tony - here's a closer view I googled: https://geeceesfotts.smugmug.com/Trains/CLASS-33/i-pswMcVz/A ... And I found an answer about mail traffic: https://geeceesfotts.smugmug.com/Trains/CLASS-33/i-QTzHhD2 Rob - are you going to be modelling the telegraph wires across the lines, shown in that last photo? Just wondering about the operational hazards there...
  5. That's a lovely shot, you can really picture the look of PV, between the two bridges. It's also a great period (late 80s)! Can anyone identify the load on the wagon to the left?
  6. TBH I like the sound of Parsons Vale (plural), wherever the apostrophe is! But your decision, Rob. Could you justify the appearance of TPO stock?
  7. Hey Rob - thanks for pointing me to this thread. Yes, it will be nice to follow from the beginning this time, love the pics. Out of interest, in the picture of the 47/4 at Malago Vale in your first post (https://www.flickr.c...-nMr8zJ-yfnau4/), is that an open wagon in the release road to the right of the 47's train, and any idea what it would be doing there? I'm hoping we can get hold of a dummy HST power car for another 'off-the-wall' scenario with an 08, and would a small crane or other maintenance stock of the period also be justifiable for occasional excursions to the yard, without going overboard? Oh yes - I didn't catch why the name 'Parson's Vale'? That's going to get asked. I'm actually seeing the potential the more you post, although Peafore is a tough act to follow. Edit: fixed pic link
  8. I got the 19:28 from Reading to Chippenham today, my first on the '800. I agree with the comments that it is a well designed train, and I enjoyed my Std table seat ride, although it isn't any quieter than an HST and I do miss that characteristic MK3 brake smell! One point I wanted to make (forgive me if it's already been over-stated) was actually hinted at by the GWR trolley lady to another passenger: Don't get on the last coach(es) (from Paddington). The main reason for this seems to be that you won't be able to get off at Didcot (last 3 coaches of 10 will not be 'platformed'), nor Chippenham (last coach) nor Bath (last 2 or 3?). Since the last coach at Paddington is often the first standard coach reached by most passengers, I'm sure this is going to cause problems...?
  9. Regarding Chippenham, the ticket office has been completely closed for the last week, with a temporary Portacabin office out the front and two highly frustrating temporary ticket machines on 'Platform 0' (woe betide you if you try to buy a ticket with cash when the TO is closed!). I've googled the apparent scope of the works, which can be found in a July Chippenham Town Council meeting minutes doc: "Refurbishment of the ticket hall, ticket office and back of house areas, installation of automatic ticket gates within refurbished ticket hall, disused platform, new footbridge and north car park adjacent to the base of the stairs to the historic footbridge at Chippenham Railway Station. Recommendation: No objections but requests that consideration is given to the provision of an additional ticket machine/s to assist with peak time congestion." Perhaps this might include some fixes to those roadside canopies, that don't require interruption of rail traffic? Perhaps the electrification will follow this work?
  10. Thanks Oakydoke - should have known there was an 800 thread! To answer my own question now (and fall silent): 16th Oct. I'll have to see if I can plan a trip.
  11. Got a glimpse of a white IET arriving at Newport from the East as I was leaving for London around 5.10pm today, I'm guessing that was 3X16? Also a couple (White, Green) at Stoke Gifford TCD nr Bristol Parkway, sadly again didn't get the numbers. Apologies if it's already common knowledge, but do we know a rough date when IETs will begin to be allocated to timetabled services, other than 'end of year'? Tx, Alan
  12. Sounds like a great 'what if' project for a more capable modeller (not me!). Thanks Chris - really appreciate your brief historical overview. That's helped me not get distracted, although admittedly I had been considering a 60s side project too...! :->
  13. Returning a little closer to the original topic, I've been keen for some time to pick up a 'proper' 121 for my eventual 80s Cornish layout. However, I've learned through the helpful posts here that whereas 121s were common on branches such as Liskeard to Looe (I remember them), it was the 122s that dominated the St.Ives branch? Was this the exception, or in the 70s/80s were both types common across Cornwall? Thanks, Alan
  14. Continuing on Peter's theme, and as a layman regarding OHLE, what is the standard distance on plainline GWML between the regular portal uprights? I understand that it will vary for various reasons, but it would be useful to know as a rule of thumb when trying to estimate train speed (discounting use of GPS technology!).
  15. The beast in question, but back on 28th March (13:47). Photo taken hastily from a passing HST!
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