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  1. Cambridge's mucky Ivatt Mogul 46465 makes an appearance Another job off the weathering bench, while still awaiting crew and lamps. Really pleased with this!
  2. March's 'modern' machine, Class 24 D5094 is snapped outside the diesel repair shop
  3. Trainspotters delight in seeing the Liverpool Street shunter N7 69614 and B1 61373
  4. Stratford's L1 67737 arrives at Boleyn Road. Another weathering job complete (ish). Really chuffed with the results!
  5. The fitter can't believe his luck as, once again, his North British nemesis D8409 arrives for more work
  6. Great Eastern loanee, 34065 Hurricane catches the late evening light
  7. Ipswich's stained J15 65388 stands on shed. The first weathering job of the year now complete, saving a crew, lamps and final details.
  8. Finally got round to weathering my 12125! I’m really pleased with the loco, just need to install the sound chip now!
  9. 70034 Thomas Hardy passes the points and puddles The shed staff have been putting in the elbow grease to keep this looking smart!
  10. "They could have least have given it a clean!" Aging J15 65361 is inspected by its crew for the day
  11. It's April 28th 1962 and N7 69621 has been prepared for 'The Great Eastern Suburban Rail Tour'.
  12. Brushed up for service, Type 2 D5579 rests in the refuelling road.
  13. Stanier stunner 46245 'City of London' rolls onto shed
  14. Here’s a picture I got of the sample. Apologies for the reflection, the Hornby cabinets are always a pain to photograph!
  15. A scene in Apple Green. L1 67702 and B12/3 1565 are prepared for their next run out of Liverpool Street.
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