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    ECML 1959 -62. 4mm modeling kit building and desparately wanting to get on with model making.

    Music principly classical but some more contempory and being a Christian I'm involved with my local church.

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  1. Here's a slightly better picture of the Kitchen car
  2. Thanks for showing the layout
  3. Thanks Robert. Aren't those the West Riding twins, which Hornby could potentially make from the coronation tooling?
  4. Brand new no chance. 2nd hand a good number on eBay.
  5. Just musing The Bachmann A1/A2 models are good representationsof the class. But TBH there's lots of room for improvement. Body and Chassis. The Chassis has been mentioned, absenton the body is the cab window deflectors. The handrail and knobs are over scale. These would seem small improvements but overall a better model would result Of course these days with the price of pacifcs I'd hesitate to replace the versions I have.
  6. Here's a couple of examples of Thompson mods. These two are based on older tooled vehicles, which have been extensively reworked. I ve done a a few on newer retooled versions but at the price of these vehicles, the work is not for the faint hearted! The Kitchen car is complete. The open 1st is far from complete. The work under taken involved reworking the roof, and then reapplying the rain strips and destination holders. a section of body to mount the Southern Pride sides. Underframe has been cut out on the kitchen car not yet on the open car. If I went further I'd replace / cut down the corridor connector which is too high. It's a lot of work but worth it. Note in the picture the open car is partially in shade the colour is the same throughout
  7. There's an exceptional copy on you tube that has been AI enhanced. On a 40in TV or bigger there's a remarkable difference
  8. It's been requested time and time again. If you don't want to wait (I didn't), comet produce RF , Pantry Third and an Open Third. Southern Pride do a Kitchen, Open First and all the Elizabethan versions. I've done the Lizzie and many others. I'll post photos later.
  9. The wide top band were I think restricted to those with deeper solebars rostered for the Capitals/Elizabethan. The digging that I've done suggests that Thompson corridor coaches did have the top lined when in crimson cream. Brakes weren't lined at the top. Gresley coaches weren't lined at the top but there was little room.
  10. Touche... id forgotten about Bachmann 's use of this pic!
  11. Interesting question and one that I have pondered over. I think that the painting specifications say as you suggest that the firebox should be unlined. But some examples were lined as they went through the shops. Clear pictures are hard to find though there are some colour photos in Gresley's V2s by Peter Tuffrey showing both lined and unlined. I've not found any of 60847 online or elsewhere. I've renaumbered mine and the lining will definitely be going when my examples are weathered. Hope this helps.
  12. I just found it. Added it for completeness. It covers the Capitals and the Elizabethan.
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