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Gauge 0 Guild Gazette - May 2010


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I'm not even going to try to summarise the contents of the whole of this 96 page blockbuster, but the following jumped out at me (Pint will be along later to point out what I've missed :D ):


Sprung Hornguides .. A short appraisal of what's available by Raymond Whalley

Sprung Chassis Construction Using a Chassis Jig .. by Nick Dunhill - which compliments the above

More Pickups .. by Barry Weston - a cross between the 'wiper' and the 'plunger'

An Introduction to Split Axle Current Collection .. by John Walker - does exactly what it says

Rolling Sheet Metal .. by Geoff Holt - using rolling bars

A Glue and Adhesive Guide - invaluable


And that's just for starters!


Add on several locomotives, things which might be called trains (military vehicles on rails), a turntable, a couple of layouts, some buildings, Trade News, The Halifax Show Preview (I can't go :angry: ) and I still haven't covered it all.


Well worth a year's subs on it's own.



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Hi all,

Also comes with three very good layouts;

"no name",

"Bishops Nympton" &


all along with many other fascinating articles and of course, "Guild News" complete with new editor!

Why, oh why does this always come along when i'm suffering a bout of 0 gaugitus!!


John E.

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Got home from the hospital today and what was in the letter box, my Gauge 0 Guild Gazette. That will give me something to read in bed.

I had a quick flick through the mag, what I sure looked good.


Come on bedtime.



Stuart in OZ....




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Agreed another good issue, I was particularly interested in the Bagnall (aka Jinty) build as I'm slowly building the same kit, also the planned loco's from MOK look rather tasty. They are producing a standard 4 loco but are trying to gauge interest in an Ivatt 4 (aka Flying Pig) - drop them a line if you're interested.


However I did observe that both loco builds, Bagnall and Robinson (8K?), mentioned issues regarding the narrow frames causing problems. On the 8K build the author[1] had to widen the splashers a mil or so to reach the narrow frames, saying that a mil or so extra will make little difference. However the photo on the bottom of page 30 (IIRC) suggests otherwise, here the firebox is sat firmly on top of the splashers, a mil or so narrower on the splasher width and the firebox wrapper would have slotted in behind the splasher. A 1.5mm extra doesn't sound much but on a 15mm wide splasher it's a 10% error and to me it does make a difference to the balance of the loco. That aside it was a very nice build and an impressive looking loco.





[1] Apologies - I haven't got the gazette to hand so the author is anon for the moment.

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Given that you can count the number of non-steam suppliers in 7mm scale on not much more than one hand, I personally can't see the point of joining the Guild, as it's not too hard to track down the bits you want, or find what's available.


I haven't bothered, although I have joined the S7 society.

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If the Guild is so steam focused then I guess I can save worrying about whether to join or not as the question is answered.

Have to agree with you & Pugs, there... I agree the G.O.G mag is a superbly produced magazine, but I got the impression during my brief membership of the Guild that it is very much aimed at the Steam Etched Brass Kit & Scratchbuilder. In fact it almost felt like a trip back in time to the '70s when you'd have a job to find much D&E content in Railway Modeller...!!

As I also mainly model US O scale... well I might as well be from another planet... :rolleyes:


Having said that; since discovering Guildex Telford that has become my "Must Go" Exhibition each year (even at the non-member's Rate!) B)

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Perhaps, but it'll be a long time until my skills are high enough in O gauge for anything even remotely like an article for the guild magazine.


I've had a few things in MR and RM over the years with my N and OO dabblings, but that's after about 15 years of working in them...

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Bear in mind that the Guild can only print what they get. If us diesel people don't supply articles then they can't print themsad.gif

I guess it's the whole chicken and egg thing, if you don't have the articles, you won't get the interest, but if you don't get the interest you won't get the articles.


Perhaps we just have to accept that diesel modelling in 7mm is a minority sport :)

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Hi cromptonnut, Pugsley and all,


The Guild have now produced a free 'booklet' entitled Welcome to O Gauge compiled by the Gazette editor, John Kneeshaw and is available to prospective members, via the Guild website and will also be available at exhibitions attended by the Constituancy Reps.


There are articles (they have previously appeared in the Gazette) about all aspects of the Gauge starting as it happens, with mine on the Heljan 37 mods. As Brian said, they can only print what is submitted for publication, so why not join the Guild and put an article up for publication and encourage more into the Gauge.





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I know cover pictures aren't always the thing to go by but on the page of "back issues" I count 21 covers, only 3 of which contain anything that could be remotely classed as "modern image".


Do you know what the breakdown of steam/modern modellers is in the Guild? If there's only a few percent of us interested in modern modelling, then I am probably better off not bothering.


I never understand why so many "specialist groups" appear so closed and, through a fairly high annual membership cost, keep an air of exclusivity about them to "outsiders".


Having an old Gazette online for free download to give people an idea of what it contains would be an easy way of showing people what it contains, and an idea of the "tone" of the group, rather than expecting people to pay up to find out what the member benefits are. Sorry, but "join up and find out" just isn't my way of doing things with the limited budget I have.


It could be said by many that if my budget is that limited why am I even bothering with O gauge ... but I'll save that for another day.

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