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Buckeye couplers in Britain ..when?


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1 hour ago, keefer said:

I've read somewhere about using buckeyes causing the units to be too long but it was 12-car sets at certain London terminus platforms. Link-and-buffer stock just fitted so buckeye fitted stock would be off the end of the platform.

Certainly not twelve cars at that date - probably no more than eight as all suburban units were three-car when link-and-buffer connections were standardised. The LSWR sets & earliest Western Section Southern units were on 'short' frames and the two-car trailer sets on assorted lengths so that story is unlikely to be true unless it applied to the longest possible eight car formation at the time.

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2 hours ago, melmerby said:

Still OT:offtopic:

Of course in reality the GWR was somewhat different to the other "groups" in that rather than several large and a lot of small companies were amalgamated to make one large new company, the GWR effectively just 'hoovered up' the other companies in it's area.


See, I always said the GWR sucked - I was right :D



I shall now outrun you with my buckeye equipped A4 ;) With it's lovely blue coat.

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