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Whitemarsh Yard

Will Vale

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Thanks for all the comments, they really are very much appreciated :) 


I love the Class 60 - 054? very nice indeed.

Close! It's 60 014 in the pictures - it gets run a lot since it's the only loco I've weathered - shame on me... 




the Turners Lorry is a nice touch as well.


I couldn't resist, we used to live just down the road from there. It's not really appropriate - why would a refrigerated trailer be visiting a rail depot - but it was great for providing colour at the show. Maybe I can make it a new trailer body or something so it can be a long-term resident...




As promised (and a bit delayed) I've taken some detail pictures of the bits which were "finished" off for Railex to complement the overview pics above. I should add that "finished" doesn't really mean complete, just that there aren't any totally bare spots remaining. This is supposed to be good motivation for me since while some bits have come on quite a bit, there are others which really need filling in/filling out. In particular, the right hand end. I'm hoping to kick myself out of some modelling downtime and get on with it over the holiday.



Here's the depot area - now with some basic paint and weathering on the concrete, and the clayed-over chairs kinda reconstructed with paint:




TODO: Lots of touch-ups where concrete drybrushing has got on the chairs, and then detail weathering, tidying up the grates, and adding the steps, canopy and all the other junk which should be here. Plus buffer stops and people.


Near the middle, here's the new sign and office building: 




TODO: New sign using decal on brass to make it crisper and more robust? Also parking area details, fencing, and finishing scratchbuilding the main part of the office which I started earlier this year. This bit's based on Ipswich, albeit not in full-on Freightliner colours. Also needs people and a bit of (purposeful) junk.


Just to the left of this is the "I don't know" area - I put a goat in it for the show :) I have a half-metre high Faller aerogenerator on my shelf and I'm quite tempted to try that here. There is one at March, although not right by the railway I think?




TODO: Work out what to do! Also make some smaller poppies...


At the back of the layout is the odd retaining wall made (in real life) from what look like bags of soil or gravel wired to a wooden former.




TODO: Finish painting the concrete edging on the cycle path above, add lots of fencing, and remove a few bushes and replace with more dead grass I think.


At the far left is the road bridge taking Norwood Road across the yard throat. I've started blending this in but more work is required.




TODO: A bit more work on the paint on the girder? Tidy up the far side at the end of the retaining wall. Make a less scruffy buffer stop (the rusty lumps are mainly my skin...) or paint this one in a bit more detail. Trim the grass around the track.


Oh yes, and I added point levers and the long-awaited (by me at least) sugar beet field:




TODO: More work on the greenery between the tracks (thinning it out, I think, and adding a tiny smattering of rubbish). Replacing the overly thick planking on the extended timbers with something closer to scale. A bit more work on the ground cover around the beets, and maybe some weeds in a couple of rows as well.


So plenty to keep me busy :)


There are  few more pictures in the gallery (currently awaiting moderation, hopefully visible soon) but this post is already getting a bit long - thanks for reading/looking this far :D





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Will, I really am bowled over with quality of the scenics you have produced; looks absolutely stunning. Just goes to show it’s not all about the track! All you need to do now is backdate the loco fleet to Railfreight / BR Blue and create an extension with a vignette of March Depot….:D


Best Wishes





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Thanks folks! It's been fun to do something so green after my last (desert) layout, and the range of fun scenic toys (grass fibres, tufts, etc. etc.) is much bigger than I realised :)


create an extension with a vignette of March Depot….:D

Tempting idea - it was pictures of elderly locos at March MPD which lead me to Whitemoor in the first place - I was looking for TMDs in East Anglia. Fate is a funny thing, if there'd been a BR Blue 08 in stock locally instead of the EWS one I found I'd be fully blue era (as per my youth). Not that I mind - there's something pleasing about the combination of brazenly bright loco liveries and rusty old wagons which gives the modern engineering scene a lot of its magic...


I do have a Railfreight '37 (large logo I think - the Bachmann sound one) sitting around somewhere, maybe it should come out for some fettling and photos?




Can you please tell me how you made this bit of scenery?

Sure. I'll see if I can do a step by step with pics later this week since I have some free time, but basically:


1) Ground contours with foam, foam card, and clay, then paint and/or gesso with a bit of sand in it.


2) "Hairy cigar" static grass (without static gun) sprinkled with dried powdered soil - search for Rick Reimer's video on Youtube or see my blog post here for details: Static grass experiments


3) Brush matte medium over the tips and sprinkle with Noch Laub/Leaf material - a sort of flakey scatter - and yellow flower scatter from Woodland Scenics.


4) Let it dry for a while, then spray with 1:1 thinned matte medium with a drop of washing up liquid from a cheap atomiser bottle.


There really isn't much to it, to be honest, and it probably takes longer to describe than do! The main thing is to try and pick harmonious colours, and be gentle when sprinkling the yellow flock - probably more gentle than I was in this area :) You want individual grains more than clumps in my opinion.





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I'm in the process of finishing up the area around the drains, which means grass and pondweed. The water is more-or-less done, a couple of areas could do with a Klear topcoat and the field drain hasn't stopped being cloudy yet - the previous layer took a week or so.


post-7119-019381000 1288407223_thumb.jpg


I've planted the banks with Noch grass mat, with strips of beige/brown along the bottom where the grass has died following (I assume) a recent rise in water level. The problem is it's waay too long in most places, I'm hoping to let it dry properly and give it a haircut - at the moment you can only see one fish out of five!





OK, I have to know, how did you make your fish? ( "fush" as you call em in kiwi land)

BTW, fantastic work with the plants. I will be replicating that I think in many cottage gardens.

Cheers from OZ,

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Thanks for the kind comments, sorry it took me a while to spot them - for some reason replies to this post never show up in my "replies to your posts" box although others do.


The fish were just painted onto the water base with a small brush before I poured the acrylic medium. I don't quite remember but I *might* have added a little more paint between the two pours to make them more 3D, or maybe some fish are on one layer and some on another? I'll have to get the layout out and have a look at it The paint colours were a sort of orangey brown, and one of the Games Workshop metallics - either Shining Gold or Dwarf Bronze. Very easy to do and they add a spot of colour to the water which I quite like.


One of them has rippled the surface, which was done by applying a tiny blob of gloss gel after the water had set and then flattening it out to get a ring. I seem to recall using the end of a pencil for that.





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Hi Will,


I've just found come across this whilst looking through someones posts. I think you have a lovely looking layout there, the scenery is very good indeed. I'm really not looking forward to adding scenery to my layouts as I know pretty much nothing about it.


Keep up the good work though and keep us posted on here of course. I'll be following this one with much interest.



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Thanks! I'm afraid Whitemarsh is on hold at the moment since I'm working on something easier to exhibit solo for Railex in November. Hopefully after that I can get back to it (at a gentle pace) and also take some new pictures. Here's one from my blog which hasn't been on this thread...




Looking at these I want to get it out and play with it again, must be disciplined and resist :( (plus there's no room). Last year I was a bad boy and basically downed tools from November to July. I think that I'm much more of a spring/summer modeller, but there are lots of jobs to do on Whitemarsh and plenty of summer (below the equator) to do them in after the show.


Scenery is a funny topic - it seems to put people off who are otherwise very confident modellers sometimes. I think it's one of the easiest areas to muck in and have a go at though - if something goes wrong it's usually easy to cover it up with another layer, or even rip it out and do it again. The organic shape and colour of nature makes hiding mistakes and blending in modified areas a lot easier than with something like a building or a wagon.


The best advice is probably to look at the world around you, read (but not too much) about techniques, pick relatively muted colours, and have a go!



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Zombie thread alert! I've been doing some more work on Whitemarsh last week which prompted me to take some pictures to see how it came out. Full details are on my blog but here are a couple of pictures. I've mainly been trying to fill in the rough bits of scenery and get the left hand end of the layout finished.












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