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Hi guys


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Hi folks, my name is David, I hail from not so sunny Greenock by the Clyde laugh.gif I am currently into a loooong build of a Caley Coaches Class 104 tank loco, with another Caley loco " Dunalistair III" sitting waiting, originally planned to model to P4 specs, but due to my technical inability I think I shall stick with 00 at the moment, though I quite fancy trying out a 7mm 0 gauge kit at some time, so be prepared, I will need all the help I can get wink.gif



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Hi David,

Ambition never hurt anyone so keep the faith with your beautiful Caley stuff!! I'm sure you'll make many friends with a pedigree like that!

As for the 7mm stuff, may I recommend a little Parkside or Slaters wagon kit to get you going?

Welcome to the forum!

John E.

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