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Unusual DMU Formation.

Simon Lee

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Hi all,


Just spent some time browsing Fotopic sites and found this :-




The third vehicle is of interest being a Trans Pennine MBS. Having conversed with Pennine MC, neither of us can recall ever seeing a formation of this type before. Is isn't a stock transfer as such as there is no other brake vehicle in the formation.


Ive certainly seen 5 car Pennine formations with a DMC replaced with another driving vehicle usually a Met Camm 101 motor car.


Anyone else ever seen a Pennine "inner" used in such a way.




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It's one of my late father's photos on my fotopic site, and I'd never noticed the coach in question! All I'd seen was the different lining on the Class 101 vehicles.


I have had a quick look at both his and my photos and cannot find any other examples, though we never took many photos in that area.


It is certainly an ordinary service train as it has passengers in it, clearly visible on the original scan.



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Must admit I saw what I wanted to see, the profile makes it look longer but now you mention it, the roof vents are very 104-ish

and the leading vehicle is a Class 111, given away by the 4-character headcode.

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