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  1. These wagons all had tarpaulin bars fitted. the abrasive material was a regular flow from Hull to Stafford, with at least twenty wagons so modified, some with oil boxes other with roller bearings and all were piped. The tarp was only removed for loading. The tarp was branded ELECTRO FURNACE PRODUCTS HULL, and was grey up to around 72 then the newer tarps light blue. The bauxite flow I saw was just on the docks, but they may have been more. Al Taylor
  2. Grain, bauxite and abrasive material for grinding wheels was also a use for 21ton hoppers.
  3. Nothing odd about that coach TSO or SK, the light just makes it look odd.
  4. RSH one from the 6769 to 6795 batch would be most welcome.
  5. It does appear to have the blue stars, but they are almost the same blue.
  6. The doors weren't welded up, they were actually removed and replaced with a plate as access was required for certain items.
  7. Fuel over spill, on top there is a small vent for the auxiliary fuel tank when filling care needed to taken not to overfill. With fuel there all the *rap then sticks to it.
  8. That was part of the HGR on all the 31/4s. The HGR comprised a full rewire and total rebuild of the control cubicle to comply with H&S requirements, various cab draught proofing was done (not the successful ) and a few other mods.
  9. Looking very good. Just a few inaccurate bits, exhaust system going the wrong way from no2 engine, heater control panels on trailer car never fitted.
  10. Normal mgr wheel sets are 42" (1.022M) most three hole wheel sets are around 36" (.952M).
  11. Paddington to Hull/Leeds with the return Leeds/Hull to Brighton. Some of these type services were in the VXC plans but the SRA halted those sort of plans along with services VXC services from Middlesborough.
  12. Hi, I am trying to update the interior of an Ian Kirk Gresley buffet and need a view of the interior which shows the serving area and the saloon. This is in for the later period of their lives. There are some great interior views on Flickr etc, but these are all of vehicles that have been restored to the original serving area and with tubular framed chairs etc. Thanks Al Taylor
  13. The Peco Parkside kit for the BR 21T is only good for the earlier welded bodies, as the later 21Ts did not have the hopper supports, they instead had three sections of angle iron at each end to support the hopper. Both of the Peco Parkside kits could do with a good update, as the LNER riveted 21T is only good for a small batch and the BR one could do with the bits to make both styles of hopper support , the support are almost identical to those on the rebodied 21Ts.
  14. Lamp oil was usually in 45 gallon drums. Depot heating was normally gas oil, some depots did use waste oil. Kerosene/paraffin was used for cleaning components at some depots, but once again usually came in 45 gallon drums. Larger steam depots did have tanks of paraffin which was used in conjunction with other mediums for cleaning purposes. It was unusual to see a tank or tanks arrive with the wrong Hazchem board on them, we had this happen at NL when several tank had been emptied in to the depot storage tanks only to find that it was Lub oil, some very smoky HSTs that night.
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