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more 12" = 1' , it seems...

Posted by rockershovel , 19 February 2018 - - - - - - · 86 views

people have definitely woken up after Xmas, now. The phone has been ringing all over the place and I've just picked up a couple of months' work in 12' = 1' scale, Quality Engineer for platform doors on the CrossRail project. It's only a short job, closing out at the end of the project as the original team move on - but I don't doubt that it will be very b...


6N ... more malarkey...

Posted by rockershovel , 04 February 2018 - - - - - - · 60 views

Sorry to say it, but I think Italy are going to be in for a long, hard tournament. Seven tries against, a disallowed try from an obvious forward pass in what looked like a set-piece move which didn’t execute; an obvious foul that would certainly have been a penalty try if it hadn’t been given anyway, and not one, but two consecutive muffed short kicks. It...


6N time again..

Posted by rockershovel , 04 February 2018 - - - - - - · 44 views

It’s “that” time of year again... I quite enjoyed yesterday’s offering. 
Scotland appear to need a sustained search for their “thinking cap”, they were obviously missing some important part of their preparations against Wales. The chaps in red looked good, though, loved the interception try and AWJ and Leigh Halfpenny are always good value. I’ve neve...


Sunday tv (2)

Posted by rockershovel , 21 January 2018 - - - - - - · 91 views

Saw the trailer for “Biggest Little Railway”. Still feeling mellow after three episodes of Onedin Line followed by gammon and veg for dinner, opted for a hour in the garage and a soak in the bath while the wife watched Call The Midwife..


Sunday afternoon finesse...

Posted by rockershovel , 21 January 2018 - - - - - - · 86 views

Played a finesse this weekend, spotted that “Onedin Line” was on and steered the good lady wife to that. Hearty Mummerset accents, swelling orchestral soundtrack, occasional tall ships footage and a blessed lack of ill-bred people accusing each other of murder, great stuff!


MMI 2-8-2s - on the test track

Posted by rockershovel , 18 January 2018 - - - - - - · 169 views

Took both 2-8-2s to the Club test track this afternoon. Tried them on a NCE Powercab controller, the Gaugemaster was packed away as part of a general reorganisation that’s been in hand for some time.  
Very impressed with the slow running, in particular. Very steady and controllable. The brakes need thinking about, as does the regulator - I’ll have t...


On the buses....

Posted by rockershovel , 15 January 2018 - - - - - - · 163 views

My good wife appears to be plumbing new depths in her doze-in-front-of-ancient-sitcoms marathons, three consecutive episodes of On The Buses :P ... astonishing to think of Reg Varney’s sometime popularity...


Colorado 2-8-2s, now with sound!

Posted by rockershovel , 15 January 2018 - - - - - - · 286 views

I’ve just heard that my two MMI locos are ready for despatch, complete with DCC and sound. I’m really quite excited about this, partly because the job has been subject to a fair amount of “mission creep” due to developments in available hardware and software along the way 
Here they are https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nW6r7ydm6k8&feature=youtu.be...


Turkey curry!

Posted by rockershovel , 30 December 2017 - - - - - - · 109 views

Just had the first turkey curry of the season, always something of a seasonal treat....


Christmas tree train

Posted by rockershovel , 26 December 2017 - - - - - - · 192 views

Put last year’s plastic toy train around the tree, to the amusement of various small nephews and nieces. No 1 Son dismantled the loco, placed a scrap of draught excluder over the speaker... lost one side of the “motion” .. now we have another similar train among the presents....


First World Problems..

Posted by rockershovel , 23 December 2017 - - - - - - · 112 views

No 1 Son came round yesterday with No 1 Grand-daughter, who certainly has a good set of lungs, on the evidence. She was apparently wearing her latest “Christmas outfit”, I’ve seen whole Third World relief appeals with less kit than this child ..... 
Cleared my desk at Vossloh Kiepe, having run out of budget and headcount. Ho hum. I’ve been to a coupl...


Change of scale..

Posted by rockershovel , 16 December 2017 - - - - - - · 152 views

So, the railway job ends next week, so that’s the end of working in 12”-1’ for the foreseeable future.  
Time for a break I think, the refurbishment of the club room is now complete so perhaps it’s test track time!


Electric trains..

Posted by rockershovel , 08 September 2017 - - - - - - · 214 views

Just been following the "early electrification" thread digression on the main forums. 
I tend to be regarded in some quarters as something of a Luddite, having been generally deeply unimpressed with BR era diesel locomotives and the service they provided, and I'm certainly no great lover of MUs of various descriptions for similar reasons.  
I wa...


Colorado 2-8-2s

Posted by rockershovel , 06 August 2017 - - - - - - · 149 views

Heard from Paul Martin last week, seems that my MMI locos are currently on the workbench having sound and DCC fitted. I'm quite excited about this, looking forward to giving them a run on the club test track..


Everyone makes mistakes...

Posted by rockershovel , 06 August 2017 - - - - - - · 129 views

Watched countryfile this evening, what WAS that thing Ellie Harrison was wearing? Upset the wardrobe department, did she? Lose a bet?


12" to the Foot..

Posted by rockershovel , 10 July 2017 - - - - - - · 141 views

After various delays I've now spent the past two weeks working in 12" to the Foot scale. QC for traction motor refurbishments, and related tasks on EMU sets, particularly type 321 ... which means nothing to me, except that they seem to produce an abundant crop of NCRs! 
Seems slightly odd to be walking about in orange hivis and bump cap again...



Posted by rockershovel , 19 June 2017 - - - - - - · 146 views

Didn't see it myself, having better things to do, but my good wife informs me that the one-handed pirate(?) on Poldark had a Mummerset accent implausible even to her... praise indeed!


Railway job... maybe...

Posted by rockershovel , 17 June 2017 - - - - - - · 135 views

Just had an interesting job come in from an agency I haven't worked for before. Basically, clearing an accumulated backlog of NCR and related paperwork, with a possible extension to drive and implement improvements.  
So far it has only produced various excuses and delays, the start date having slipped by about ten days so far. A common problem with...


Strange sort of evening...

Posted by rockershovel , 10 June 2017 - - - - - - · 158 views

Came in from a day out and about around Lincolnshire, turned on tne tv and discovered Warren Gatland's lugubrious comments on the latest from the Lions... 12-3 defeat of Crusaders with no tries scored. Switched over and found the highly entertaining Argentina - England game.  
Meanwhile my good wife (who I increasingly suspect of being even deafer th...


Interesting night at the Club...

Posted by rockershovel , 24 May 2017 - - - - - - · 170 views

Went to MDMRC on Monday evening. Low turnout, attributed to the time of year. Should have taken some rolling stock - usually I don't do this on Mondays because of the test track being in demand 
Very interesting visit from three Australians who were staying with a member for a couple of days, part of a highly ambitious trip involving visiting no end...

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